Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Pros Mull The Election: Which iPad App Was The Winner?

From our seat well away from the polling places (no plugs there for the computer and no Wi Fi for the iPad), it looks like ABC scored highest with most in the apps confrontation.  The pros in the journalism "business" are weighing in on the subject today.

Regina McCombs at kept up with all the apps she could handle and declared Nov. 2, 2010 as “The iPad Election.” .
Poynter is the web arm of the the Poynter Institute, a journalism school and “resource for journalism” in  St. Petersburg, FL. McCombs downloaded every election app she could get her electronic mitts on and compared the players.

Overall, she wrote, the apps that worked out best were ones laden with articles. The innovators didn't fare as well. ABC gets top place with her overall on election eve. “Best theoretical use of location” went to CNN. “Most Potential” went to Fox, and the Wall Street Journal got “Most Walled App.”

For those who want to keep tabs on where journalism, journalists, and the big publishers are heading in the use of apps for the iPad and other mobile tools and tools, check out the Mobile Media Blog from Poynter.

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