Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday Deals Galore On, But Not (Yet) in the Kindle Store

Kindle ebook buyers must feel like waifs peering in through the frosty window, watching a festive holiday party blast to which they weren't invited.

So far,'s huge and frenzied Black Friday price slashing extravaganza does not seem to include ebooks in the Kindle Store. In fact, the Kindle Store is specifically left off the list of categories on the Black Friday page.

However, there are Deals of the Day to come, so millions of ebook readers can cross their fingers and wish for a juicy discount on a bestselling ebook from the top of the list. There's still time, since Black Friday wheeling and dealing continues through Cyber Monday, November 29.

Besides, we book lovers can't really complain. In recent weeks, Amazon has stocked the store with loads of great new titles, with more to come from authors around the world. Plus, even the most devoted book reader buys other stuff, and the Black Friday prices are phenomenal.

But nobody likes to be left out of the party. Readers, go to this discussion in the Amazon Communities and add your plea for Kindle Store Black Friday Deals. 

We ebook waifs will stare through the window, watch the festivities, and count the ebook blessings so lavishly given to us already, and keep a stiff upper lip about it as we hope Black Friday will arrive in the Kindle Store.


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