Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert, Tuesday, November 30: 11 Brand New Free Listings Today! PLUS Renegade Paladins, Y.S. Pascal (Today's Sponsor)

Christmas headlines the latest 11 new free books added to our list today, including best loved Christmas songs, advice on making Christmas better this year,  a little bit of romance, a little mystery and, of course, another vampire romance....

But First, A Word From Our Sponsor

Singularity Channel viewers may recognize Hollywood actress Shiloh Rush as Ensign Tara Guard from the sci-fi TV series Bulwark, but nobody knows Shiloh is leading a double life.

by Y.S. Pascal
5 Stars - 3 Reviews

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Here's The Set-Up:

Haunted by the mysterious disappearance of her beloved older brother, Shiloh hopes to track him down by following in his footsteps as a secret agent for the Zygan Federation, an intergalactic empire still hidden from Earth. 

During this quest, Shiloh and her British co-star Spud, also a Zygan agent, fly into space--for real--to stop terrorists and invaders who could destroy the Federation and kill millions throughout the universe. 

Sent back in time to Earth's Ancient Middle East to save the life of a young prophet and prevent Earth's destruction, Shiloh and Spud stumble on a diabolical conspiracy and barely escape with their lives. 

Their assignment sabotaged, Shiloh and Spud discover the villains' real mission, face powerful enemy fighters from warrior planets and traitors from their own ranks, and race against time to save Earth.

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