Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert, Tuesday, November 23: Triple your pleasure with the latest addition to our 150+ Free Book Alert listings, plus ... Pelgraff by D.A. Boulter (Today's Sponsor)

Three holiday novellas by three authors in one humorous book to get you in a festive mood heads up our 150+ Free Book Alert listings....
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by D.A. Boulter 
Since the Sol system conflict wiped out all life there 450 years ago, humanity has not known war. Now, civil war has erupted on Pelgraff, a planet peacefully populated by humans and gorilla-like Pagayans, upon the introduction of a third species, the Damargs. Earth's ex-colony worlds don’t even want to hear about it. But one member of the space-based Trading League, Colleen Yrden, is raising an Interplanetary Brigade to fight on Pelgraff.

Alan McLean, a bitter ex-police officer, volunteers to train men in weapons and tactics only, but finds himself drawn into the conflict as his need to belong to something, anything, overcomes his reticence - and his dislike of the Pagayans, for whom he fights. His growing hatred of the brutal Damargs holds him there even as politics makes the prospect of eventual victory increasingly unlikely. Others may leave, but McLean is determined to stay to the end.

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