Thursday, November 25, 2010

Planet iPad's Daily Free Book Alert, Thursday, November 25: Cybill Shepherd Tells All You'd Ever Want to Know, and More, plus ... An epic war across the Creations is about to begin, in Jason Krumbine's Sci- Fi Heaven's Superhero (Today's Sponsor)

It's Thanksgiving, which means many things. Among them: Before you get back to your usual routines on Monday there will be time to read several Kindle books, including Cybill Disobedience to see why 98 reviewers either love her or hate a dozen of the latest additions to our 150+ Free Book Alert listings....

    But First A Word From Today's Sponsor         

Reviewers found Heaven's Superhero offers a mixture of religious and contemporary themes in a not-quite-our-own earth. They called it: “...dark and serious, classic good and evil battle....a cosmic backdrop and a curious twist...”
by Jason Krumbine
4.5 Stars - 2 Reviews

Text-to-Speech: Enabled  

Here's the Set-Up:
It came here 3000 years ago.

Cast out by God. Shunned by Lucifer.

Over the centuries, through deception and manipulation, it has come 
into our homes and we have welcomed it with open arms.

But now the time has come.

And all Hell is going to break loose.

Dispatched by Heavenly Host, Daniel has arrived on Third Creation and is greeted with a mystery he did not expect. The angel finds himself battling against forces of darkness where there should be none.

One woman may hold the key to mankind’s salvation. But Daniel isn’t the only one looking for her.

An epic war across the Creations is about to begin.

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By: Cybill Shepherd

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