Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How To Sample Terrific Reads Right In Your iPad Browser! - The Artist's Model

Did you know you can read a free sample
of a great book like
The Artist's Model
Without Leaving Your iPad Browser?

A pure, escapist romance written with an artist’s view of the world by the owner of one of the truly spot-on literary names of all time!

by Daphne Coleridge 

Tom Laurence knows that he has it all. A successful lawyer, he is set to marry his childhood sweetheart and come into his inheritance. Feeling increasingly as if some important element is missing from his life, he returns to his old passion, painting, in the hope that he will feel more fulfilled. Instead, new conflicts arise when he encounters the beautiful but elusive model Elizabeth in the months before his wedding, and he finds himself torn between duty and desire.

Elizabeth has  abandoned her own art studies to marry. Events in her past have left her traumatised, but not for the reasons that one may assume. Carrying a sense of guilt and struggling to bring up her son, Elizabeth has dismissed the idea of ever having another relationship. 
Although neither can ignore their growing attraction, Elizabeth realises that a relationship between them could tear Tom’s life apart and hurt those closest to him. 
Could an unexpected turn of events offer the possibility of a happy ending?
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