Sunday, November 14, 2010

How To Sample a Terrific Book Without Leaving Your iPad Browser: Need To Know by Christine Merrill

Did you know you can read a free sample
of a great book like
Need To Know
Without Leaving Your iPad Browser? 

The new man in Liz Monahan’s life is a rogue secret agent who’s trying to kill her.

But at least he’s single.

by Christine Merrill

5.0 out of 5 stars  5 Reviews 
Text-to-Speech: Enabled  


Here's the set-up:

Liz Monahan is in a rut.
Her boss is a jerk.  Her mom won't stop asking about her love life.  And her boyfriend just might be married. 

But since she found a dead body in her hotel room, things have gotten interesting. 

The new guy in accounting has a license to kill.  He thinks she holds the key to a terrorist plot.  And the man in her life is a rogue secret agent who just might want her dead.

But at least he’s single. 

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