How to Sponsor Planet iPad - For Authors and Publishers

Please note: In order to provide authors and publishers with the most effective sponsorship results, we have incorporated the Planet iPad sponsorships, going forward, into the Kindle Nation eBook of the Day sponsorship (Option 6) described below. If you would like to order a Kindle Nation eBook of the Day sponsorship including a Planet iPad sponsorship, just click on this link and select Option 6.

Option 6 - eBook of the Day Sponsorship - 1 Day
This package includes several elements:
  • a one-day Planet iPad Free Book Alert Sponsorship;
  • a small linked mention of title and author near the top of the Kindle Nation Daily website for at least 18 hours;
  • a single "Kindle for the Web" sample post on the Kindle Nation Daily website at some time between noon and 8 pm Eastern, with brief linked mention of title and author;
  • one Facebook status post and one Twitter tweet linking back to the "Kindle for the Web" sample post; and
  • one left sidebar "eBook of the Day" ad on the Kindle Nation Daily website for at least 18 hours, with linked title, author, and cover art.

Planet iPad readers are very active ebook buyers and readers, and we have established a daily "Free Book Alert" sponsorship program to help authors and publishers build awareness of their books among our readers.

Each day we feature a post called a "Free Book Alert" or "Bargain Book Alert" calling our readers' attention to one or more free or bargain books in the Kindle Store, and we have built a daily Free Book Alert Sponsorship program around these posts. These posts appear live on our website -- usually in the afternoon -- and are also pushed directly via Whispernet to Kindles owned by our paid subscribers.

You may use the buy button below to order and pay for a sponsorship and then email us (at the following materials as soon as possible:
  • your title;
  • 10-digit Kindle Store ASIN;
  • up to 150 words to help us describe your book to Kindle owners;
  • cover art;
  • any preferences regarding dates (although we are not always able to honor such preferences);
  • and an e-copy of the entire book, as a review copy for me, in any format that I can easily send or convert to my Kindle; this may help me to provide a personal testimonial as well as your sponsorship copy.
The only requirement is that your Kindle edition must be priced at $5.99* or below, since the Free Book Alerts are all about helping our readers find great reads that are also great bargains. We'll respond within 5 business days with a schedule for your sponsorship to appear; please note that our response may come from our email address.

We do make editorial decisions based on our sense of our readers' interests. If for any reason we choose not to provide you with a sponsorship opportunity we will refund your payment in full.
If you have any difficulty using this feature, please email us at; please note that our response may come from our email address. You may also send additional information, including a cover image, via this email address.

* I should say here that although $5.99 is the maximum price we will allow for a sponsored title, our experience says that most authors sell so many more copies in the $2.99 to $3.99 range that it is well worth their choosing the lower price point.


  • Remember that the combination of a $2.99 price and a well-targeted marketing campaign may help to turn your book into the kind of easy impulse buy that can help it to climb the bestseller list in its category. For more information on the real effect of prices in the Kindle Store, see this inexpensive ebook pricing guide.
  • A $2.99 price may not seem like much, but with the 70% Kindle Store royalty it could earn you over $2 per each copy sold, which compares favorably with paperback royalties from Big Six publishers.
  • A Planet iPad sponsorship may help to shine a positive light on your book, but you can also help to make the most of that if your book has received some genuine positive customer reviews before the sponsorship occurs.
  • We generally send you a link and a copy of our first tweet when we've posted your sponsorship, and you should feel free to use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to pass the word along and retweet our message.
  • A number of our sponsors have asked me how they could best keep track of their sales rankings over time. Free services called NovelRank and Title Z do a good job of tracking historical patterns.