Wednesday, November 17, 2010

iPad Users: Loads of Time on the iPad Daily; Most Buy Ebooks From Amazon

Half of all iPad owners get their ebooks in Amazon's Kindle Store, according to a survey of 500 iPad users done by  Apple iStore is in second place, with 42.4% of iPad users buying ebooks there.

Whether reading ebooks, dealing with email, checking into Facebook, playing games or surfing the web, owners spend huge chunks of times on the iPad.  The largest group, 38.4%, are on their iPads from 2 to 5 hours a day.

Survey results posted here show 19 great charts detailing "everything you need to know about iPad users," says surveyed 500 iPad users and found: Safari is the iPad's most important app, people are using their iPad more as they get used to it, nearly half of iPad owners have the 3G models to connect anywhere.

One chart reveals most iPad users get their ebooks from Amazon, using the Kindle for iPad app. But Apple's iBook Store is close behind: 50% buy from Amazon, 42.4% from Apple. suggests one reason for Amazon's edge is its huge inventory of ebooks, over 720,000 titles and growing fast.

The online report includes 19 charts detailing survey results, plus a fascinating set of videos on “awesome ways” people are using their iPads for work and play.  Check them out at 10 Ways People Are Using The iPad to Create Content, Not Just Consume It.

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