Monday, November 15, 2010

Orbiting Planet iPad: NY Times Ebook Bestseller List Coming; Spoofy iPad vs. Galaxy Video; Ebook Lending; Apps Eat Up Printed Newspapers; Amazon Hiring Temps; Party Planner App From Better Homes & Gardens

Orbiting Planet iPad
A quick look and links to stories of interest to iPad owners

Dr. David Pogue gives a light-touch comparison of the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy in a video posted today on the New York Times' Business Computing page.

SCROLL DOWN on the Times' page to the lower left-hand corner to click on the video link.

Star of the video is "Anti-Apple Andy," who hates everything Apple.  "Andy" shows off some of the Galaxy's features--small size, flash player, apps availability--while fending off co-workers anxiously asking, "is that the new iPad?"

Though short of detail, "Andy" covers the basics the average consumer has in mind when shopping for tablets.  Bottom line:  iPad is the product to beat in the marketplace, and it has a huge head start.

New York Times Launching E-Bestseller List 
Early Next Year

The New York Times will list bestsellers in ebooks, beginning early next year, according to a report in the Times, itself

The paper, which has published its much-respected book bestseller list since 1935, will compile the stats from various sources, including online booksellers, independent and chain bookstores. The story notes “some publishing experts” expect ebooks to nab 25% of the total book market over the next few years. Not mentioned were the recent statements by that ebooks are outselling printed titles 2-to1 in their top-ranked books. 

“We've had our eye on ebook sales since ebooks began,” said Janet Elder, an editor at the Times. “We wanted be able to tell our readers which titles were selling and how they fit together with print sales.”

Ebook Lending: Another Hot Topic For Amazon, 
Publishers & Authors, And Readers

As ebooks invade and conquer larger chunks of the book market, all the players—publishers, authors, booksellers and readers—are fiercely considering how and if the grand old tradition of loaning a book in print can be translated into the electronic world of ebooks. quotes publishers expressing concern that permitting libraries to loan ebooks, by some means not technically worked out, will erode the sales of ebooks, to the detriment of publishers and authors., with over three-fourths of ebook sales currently in its pocket, announced recently that ebook lending is on its way for Kindle Store customers.  Note:  Amazon's announcement applied to person-to-person lending, not library lending.  Lending has numerous restrictions as to how many times a book may be “loaned” and for how long. The mechanics of making the loan have yet to be discussed, but Amazon says book lending will be in place by the end of the year. A heated discussion in an forum on the subject continues, with some advocating total lending freedom and others arguing that authors, publishers and Amazon need to make a living, too.  With the Barnes & Noble Nook library lending feature, can Amazon be far behind?

iPad Apps 'Cannibalize' Sales of Printed Newspapers

James Murdoch, head of global media empire News Corp's. Operations in Europe and Asia says apps for newspapers “cannibalize” sales of the printed newspapers. His father and chief executive of New Corp., Rupert Murdoch has been quoted as calling the iPad “a game changer” for the newspaper business worldwide. 

Meantime, Murdoch senior expressed some pleasure at the number of subscribers willing to pay for ebook app subscriptions to his Times in the UK. Newspaper execs worldwide are watching the situation in the UK, as online free readership of the Times plummets while readers of the Times in e-format mount. Some 200,000 ebook Times readers were counted by the paper, half of them “picking up” the Times on a day-by-day basis.

Ebook Sales Don't Seem To Be Hurting Holiday Hiring Of Temps

Amazon is adding an estimated 12,000 to 15,000 temporary workers to handle the flood of orders expected to stream out of the company's shipping points, reports the Los Angeles Times and just about everyone else on the net.

Several weeks ago, Wall Street took Amazon to task with lowered stock prices after the company's quarterly report showed a reduction in its “green” cash factor due to investing in more distribution facilities around the country.

While the new hires won't be handling the burgeoning pile of ebook orders at Amazon, they will certainly be shipping iPads and accessories to homes for gift giving.

Better Homes and Gardens 'Celebrates'
With Its First App To Help Party Planning

Better Homes and Gardens magazine announced its first iPad app, Celebrate, a “party inspiration resource.”  It's $3.99.

It's chock full of 100 recipes, “500 vivid images showing beautiful details of each event,” and—to no one's surprise—suggested iTunes music playlists to tailor to each party theme.

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