Monday, November 15, 2010

How To Sample a Terrific Read -- And Win An Amazon Kindle -- Without Leaving Your iPad Browser: Blank Slate by Zack Hamric

Did you know you can read a free sample
of a great book like
Blank Slate
Without Leaving Your iPad Browser?  

Here's one more chance to win a free Kindle wi-fi just for purchasing and downloading a copy of great new release page-turner of a suspense novel, Blank Slate, from one of our favorite authors, Zack Hamric! (Yes, many Planet iPad fans consider the $139 Kindle reader a perfect complement to their iPads).
Details of the giveaway are here, along with our Free Book Alert.

We think a combination of the giveaway, Zach's status as first bona fide sponsor of Planet iPad and release of Blank Slate is good reason to "crack the book" right here in your iPad browser for a sample read.
Ahh, thanks Zack, but let's not forget about the book itself.

Blank Slate 
Just released by Zack Hamric, author of Crescent Rising - 8 five star reviews out of 9
 Kindle Price: $2.99  Text-to-Speech: Enabled

What happens when the Russian mob decides to go in business with the Columbian cartels in Miami? Nothing good, as Kyle Jackle quickly finds out in this tropical thriller.  His mission to topple an organization involved in human trafficking and drug running takes him from the dangerous backstreets of Naples, Italy to the gritty underbelly of Miami.   After almost being beaten to death in an alley one evening, he awakens to find himself hunted by the mob, unable to trust anyone he meets, and with no memory of his past life.

Kindle WiFi Giveaway Nov. 28 -

Click here to download Blank Slate (A Kyle Jackle Thriller) or a free sample) to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Android-compatible, PC or Mac and start reading within 60 seconds!

UK Kindle customers: Click here to download Blank Slate (A Kyle Jackle Thriller)

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