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Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert: The New York Times and Other Great Free Reading for the Greatest Readers in the World, plus ... hints of Victorian aristocracy meet intimations of Ancient Greece, with a sensual twist, in LOVERS AND BELOVEDS by MeiLin Miranda (Today's Sponsor)

It's not just books that are free on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch!

While it's true that there haven't been any free listings added, in the last 24 hours, to our already amazing list of free i-compatible books in the Kindle Store, there's another kind of FREE that can provide us with tons of great contemporary reading.

While the competition between Apple and Amazon may have actually led to higher ebook prices due to collusion between Apple executives and some large traditional publishers, periodicals are a different story. It's beginning to look like we -- the customers -- may be the beneficiaries of fierce competition between device makers, and isn't that the way it should be?

So today well focus our Free Book Alert on several ways in which we can read e-periodicals free on our iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, immediately in some cases and soon in others....

But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor

You don't have to judge this sensual historical fantasy by its beautiful cover....  

... there's also the 4.9-star rating it has been given by a growing group of readers.

Lovers and Beloveds 
(An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom) 
by MeiLin Miranda 

4.9 out of 5 stars - 9 Reviews 
Kindle Price:     $2.79 

Visit Amazon's MeiLin Miranda Page
[O]ffers an impressive depth and breadth in terms of world-building, mixing hints of Victorian aristocracy with Ancient Greek religion to create a compelling, evocative setting. --A.M. Harte, "Quills and Zebras"

More than satisfied. It was excellent. --M.C.A. Hogarth

Product Description


Over a thousand years, the Tremont family has conquered kingdom after kingdom, until it now rules the entire continent. The kingdom's magic is long forgotten, but its Gods are still remembered. Tremont is a kingdom on the cusp of an industrial revolution; trains and stem engines are new, and the Scholar Priests of Eddin's Temple make exciting discoveries daily.

Heir to the Tremontine throne, Temmin is a sheltered young Prince on the cusp of adulthood. Now that he's of age, he must leave his childhood home behind for a new life with his father--Harsin the Fourth, by the Grace of Pagg, King of the Greater Kingdom of Tremont and Litta, Emperor of Inchar.

King Harsin expects his son to become the kind of ruthless, pragmatic man he is. But the family's immortal advisor Teacher has other plans, and they involve a seductive set of twins, holy personifications of the Gods called the Lovers. Teacher intends to bind Temmin to a Temple devoted to eroticism; to bring him closer to his people; and to set him on a path that will lead ultimately to unimaginable glory for the House of Tremont--or its end.

The first book in this fantasy series with a sensual twist.

MeiLin Miranda is the pen name of a longtime professional nonfiction writer who finally got past the saying that every journalist has a book inside him--and it should stay there. Once she did, she started posting draft installments of her series-in-progress "An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom" as a webserial, eventually ending the draft at 300,000 words! In the process, she accrued a fan base of more than 2,000 people and an understanding that what she was working on was not sustainable as a serial; it had to become a series of novels. To keep serial fans happy, she created "Scryer's Gulch: Magic in the Wild, Wild West."

MeiLin is a successfully crowdfunded author; her readers pay to keep her content online and freely available. When it came time, fifty of her fans bought special packages and raised $2500 to get her first book professionally edited and produced. The result was "Lovers and Beloveds: An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom."

MeiLin licenses her work under Creative Commons, and believes strongly that if readers love her work, they will support her. So far, they do.

When she's not scribbling, MeiLin spins and knits, plays D&D, reads way too much PG Wodehouse and Patrick O'Brian, fiddles with fountain pens, collects BPAL perfume, and hangs out with her husband, two daughters, two cats and a small floppy dog.

Click here to download Lovers and Beloveds (An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom) or a free sample to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Android-compatible, PC or Mac and start reading within 60 seconds!

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Free Contemporary Titles in the Kindle Store 


 There are plenty of Kindle owners who are fed up with the way that Amazon and the New York Times have handled price discrepancies in the electronic editions of that newspaper, and probably an equal number of iPad owners who wonder what New Yorker executives are smoking to conclude that iPad owners would want to pay $230 a year ($4.99 an issue) for the New Yorker  when it's available in the Kindle Store for $36 a year ($2.99 a month). So Planet iPad is here to help our readers sort it out, with our choices for the best reader-friendly e-periodicals and how to get them free, or as inexpensively as possible.

As you'll note, we are making a point of including Kindle editions, because there's a pre-holiday treat coming as Amazon has announced that its Kindle Store periodicals will soon be available on all Kindle apps. And what that means is that readers will have a chance to sample each of the periodicals listed here, and hundreds of others, free for at least 14 days!
  1. The New Yorker (14 days free, $2.99/month in Kindle Store, $4.99/issue in iPad app, 46 issues per year)
  2. The New York Times Book Review (14 days free, $2.99/month in Kindle Store, included in New York Times iPad app that is "free until early 2011," 52 issues per year)
  3. Poets & Writers Magazine (14 days free, $0.99/month in Kindle Store, 6 issues per year, not yet available as an i-app)
  4. Opinionated: Voices and Viewpoints on America and the World (14 days free, $1.49/month in Kindle Store, Weekly, not yet available as an i-app)
  5. Analog Science Fiction & Fact (14 days free, $2.99/month in Kindle Store, Monthly, not yet available as an i-app)
  6. Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (14 days free, $2.99/month in Kindle Store, Monthly, not yet available as an i-app)
  7. The Atlantic  (14 days free, $1.25/month in Kindle Store, Monthly, not yet available as an i-app)
  8. Narrative (14 days free, $3.49/month in Kindle Store, Monthly, free as an iPad app) 
  9. Red Adept Reviews (14 days free, $0.99/month in Kindle Store, Daily, not yet available as an i-app)
  10. The New York Times (60 days free, $19.99/month in Kindle Store (tagged by Amazon with the same "This price was set by publisher" that it uses to identify agency model ebooks), New York Times iPad app "free until early 2011," Daily)

Some readers may already be aware that your humble publisher believes Amazon and the New York Times may be collaborating to tarnish their brands, at least temporarily, unless they rethink their approach to the current free "trial" of the Times in the Kindle Store (and in an iPad App). But if you aren't already a subscriber, a 60-day free trial is a great deal, even if it may lead to some legitimate grousing (1) when it ends; and (2) among all the current and former subscribers who are now being denied the deal.

I do try to resist holding a grudge when companies that I otherwise admire act occasionally as if they've been taken over by pinheads, and for newcomers the Times offer is absolutely a good enough deal for us to include it in today's Free Book Alert collection of Great Free Trials for the Greatest Readers in the World. We've subscribed at one time or another to hundreds of Kindle periodicals, and what we'll share below are great periodicals -- each with at least a 14-day free trial -- that focus on the pleasures of reading....
(Please note that free trials are available -- at least for now -- only to new subscribers.)

Free Contemporary Titles in the Kindle Store
For Your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

Click here for our magical and revolutionary Free Book Alert tool, which is updated automatically twice a day!

FORTUNE IS A WOMAN [Keeping Mr. Right] (Optimized & Ad-Free)
By: Francine Saint Marie
Added: 11/02/2010 8:28:57pm
Pemberley Chronicles
By: Rebecca Collins
Added: 11/02/2010 4:00:49am
Long Time Coming
By: Vanessa Miller
Added: 11/02/2010 4:00:49am
Certain Wolfish Charm
By: Lydia Dare
Added: 11/02/2010 4:00:49am
By: Harry Kraus
Added: 11/01/2010 2:00:54pm
Saint Training
By: Elizabeth Fixmer
Added: 11/01/2010 2:00:54pm
Deceit: A Novel
By: Brandilyn Collins
Added: 11/01/2010 2:00:54pm
A Girl Named Mister
By: Nikki Grimes
Added: 11/01/2010 2:00:54pm
Powering the Future: A Scientist's Guide to Energy Independence
By: Daniel B. Botkin
Added: 11/01/2010 4:00:47am
The Matchmakers
By: Jennifer Colgan
Added: 11/01/2010 4:00:47am
Guard Your Mission, Stay in Control
By: Seth Goldman
Added: 11/01/2010 4:00:47am
More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea
By: Tom Reynolds
Added: 11/01/2010 4:00:47am
Witch & Wizard: The Gift - The First 21 Chapters
By: James Patterson
Added: 10/30/2010 4:00:48am
Cool Beans: A Maya Davis Novel
By: Erynn Mangum
Added: 10/29/2010 4:00:54am
The Hangman's Daughter - chapters 1-3
By: Oliver Pötzsch
Added: 10/28/2010 4:00:56am
Cross Fire-Free Preview: The First 30 Chapters
By: James Patterson
Added: 10/27/2010 4:00:50am
Unti James Novella
Added: 10/27/2010 4:00:50am
The Holy Bible English Standard Version (ESV)
By: Crossway Bibles
Added: 10/21/2010 2:01:19pm
Spy Killer
By: L. Ron Hubbard
Added: 10/19/2010 4:01:12am
Chinatown Beat
By: Henry Chang
Added: 10/16/2010 2:01:04pm
Every Word (A Free Game for Kindle)
By: Amazon Digital Services
Added: 10/15/2010 2:01:09pm
Shuffled Row (A Free Game for Kindle)
By: Amazon Digital Services
Added: 10/15/2010 2:01:09pm
Emotions: Freedom from Anger, Jealousy & Fear
By: Osho
Added: 10/15/2010 4:01:12am
An Unwanted Hunger
By: Ciana Stone
Added: 10/15/2010 4:01:12am
Quiet As They Come (Free Story for Kindle)
By: Angie Chau
Added: 10/13/2010 4:01:25am
Relentless (Dominion Trilogy #1)
By: Robin Parrish
Added: 10/11/2010 8:17:57am
Tahn: A Novel
By: L. A. Kelly
Added: 10/11/2010 8:17:57am
Sin's Daughter
By: Eve Silver
Added: 10/09/2010 4:01:20am
The Holy Bible: HCSB Digital Text Edition
By: B&H Publishing Group
Added: 10/07/2010 4:01:07am
Publish on Amazon Kindle with the Digital Text Platform
Added: 10/05/2010 4:01:23am
Thoughts on The Promise and Darkness On The Edge Of Town
By: Bruce Springsteen
Added: 10/03/2010 2:01:31pm
The Unsuspecting Mage (The Morcyth Saga Book One)
By: Brian S. Pratt
Added: 10/01/2010 2:01:18pm
Shatter (The Children of Man)
By: Elizabeth C. Mock
Added: 10/01/2010 2:01:18pm
Arousing Love
By: M. H. Strom
Added: 10/01/2010 2:01:18pm
Outlander: with Bonus Content
By: Diana Gabaldon
Added: 10/01/2010 4:01:02am

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