Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New York Times Extends Free Trial To 2 Months on Kindle, Matching Its iPad App For Now; More Changes Indicated

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When the New York Times started offering a new and expanded iPad app on Oct. 15, free until early 2011, the truncated version sold in Amazon's Kindle Store didn't look like such a great deal at $19.99 a month.

That's changing.

As of the morning of Election Day, the NY Times' “face” in the Amazon Kindle Store is in dishabille (above), rather undone from its usually pulled-together look. The Time's monthly subscription header lacks a photo. Overhead in the Amazon listing of Times' products, an empty spot streams an offer to “subscribe today and receive an extended two-month trial. Offer Expires Feb. 15, 2011.”
Click on the link to start the two-month trial, and off you go to the order page bereft of a picture of the paper.  But when you subscribe by clicking, the thank you message tells you the worrisome news that your billing will start in two weeks!

For now, the NY Times for the Kindle can only be read on the Kindle. But the Amazon Kindle Team let slip last week, in a forum titled “Coming for Kindle,” that newspapers and magazines will “soon” be distributed to from the Kindle Store to iPads and other devices.  Up-coming apps similar to “Kindle for iPad,” which currently deliver only ebooks to iPad readers, are on their way "soon."

Meantime, Apple is happily selling an app with a much more robust version of the NY Times for the iPad.

Of course the NY Times and Amazon will get competitive with the iPad app faster than you can say, "Extra! Extra!"  And that will undoubtedly happen within 3 seconds of your Planet iPad editor posting this report and leaving to cover another story.

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