Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Warren Adler's 5 Exclusive Kindle eBooks Soar Up The Kindle Bestseller List, Confirming Readers' Approval Of Amazon's Strategy

By Tom Dulaney, Editor

Exclusively Amazon:  Bestselling author Warren Adler announced a Kindle and Amazon Only agreement yesterday on 5 new books, and in 24 hours all 5 have rocketed up the bestseller lists.

Yesterday, Planet iPad reported the on the deal with Adler and others whom Amazon has signed in the last few months to win exclusives for the Kindle Store.  

eBook buyers are responding favorably.

The 5 brand new books by Adler were released Monday as part of his exclusive agreement with Amazon, which runs for the next two years. The books are also available in print, by way of Amazon's CreateSpace.

“This exclusive deal reflects the rapidly changing need for mainstream novelists to find innovative ways to market their books,” Adler is quoted as saying in the Amazon press release.

The new Adler titles, their starting rank at the time of the announcement yesterday, and their current ranking  as of 11 a.m. EST:

The David Embrace (203,000 to 6,047)

Flanagan's Dolls (unranked to 4,548)

The Womanizer (218,000 to 1,796)

Residue  (229,000 to 8,603)

Empty Treasures (unranked to 3,598)

Adler is perhaps best known for The War of the Roses and Random Hearts, both made into major motion pictures. 

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