Sunday, December 12, 2010

Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert, Sunday, December 12: Take a fresh look at over 180 contemporary free book listings, plus ... a young woman copes with a dull job, troublesome co-workers and relatives, and a would-be suitor by starting a blog...and real trouble, in the bargain priced 99-cent My LIfe Behind The Brick Wall (Today's Sponsor)

Great minds think alike, and in this case we're talking not only about ourselves but about the great minds at Amazon. If you've been choking on the incredibly rich supply of new free book listings and holiday-themed reading, maybe it will help you change the pace by finding a totally off-topic thrilling page-turner if we stand pat with our 180+ Free Book Alert listings....

But first, a word from Our Sponsor
Vivian struggles for a meaningful career as she copes with troublesome relatives, significant others and an ego-laden would-be suitor.  So she starts a blog and her troubles really kick in.
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Here's the Set-Up”

Twenty-nine-year-old Vivian Craig has just been promoted to managing editor at "The Brick Bulletin," a trade publication focused on profoundly uninteresting brick-related data. She's looking for a more creative outlet than bricks can provide, and finds one in her new blog, "Behind the Brick Wall."

Which will get her into big trouble.

Vivian also has her hands full dealing with a hypochondriac receptionist who loves to talk about her ailments in excruciating detail; a coworker apparently bent on jealous revenge after Vivian's promotion; a melodramatic sister with a weakness for romance novels and classical piano; a would-be suitor with an ego so inflated he can barely see around it; a sharp-tongued grandmother whose philosophy is: if you can't say something nice, so much the better; and a propensity for clumsiness.

There's plenty of pride, prejudice, and pandemonium to be found behind Vivian's brick wall.

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