Thursday, December 23, 2010

Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert, Thursday, December 23: Learn to Love Not Smoking, Cat Calls, Dead Drop, Tick Tock, The Year She Fell, A Dog Named Slugger Top over a Dozen New Additions to More Thank 200 Free Book Listings! plus ... Lessons And Other Morbid Drabbles is a Tour de Fears, 25 gems of 100 words each ranging from the darkly comic to the terrifying (Today's Sponsor)

Just in time for the launch of our new book KINDLE FREE FOR ALL, Amazon and its authors have stepped up the flow of new freebies for our daily Free Book Alerts to a dozen a day! Good move! And we'll always have your back with the details on a list that has now grown to over 200 free contemporary titles....

But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor

Can you scare readers out of their wits in 100 words or less?  Sure!  9 reviewers and a 5-star rating say Lessons And Other Morbid Drabbles proves the point. 
by Michael Crane
5.0 Stars  -  9 Reviews

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Here's the set-up:

A man learns a painful and valuable lesson... one finger at a time.
An old couple bickers over disgusting leftovers.
Kids go ignored when they tell their parents about the horrors that lurk in their bedrooms, until it's too late...

LESSONS AND OTHER MORBID DRABBLES is a collection of 25 100-word shorts that range from darkly comic to downright terrifying and wrong. Some shorts feature ghouls and monsters while others are simply about people behaving very, very badly. 

Which is scarier? Find out in this sick and twisted collection.

They may only be a few words long, but that doesn't lessen the bloodshed any...

Reviewers said:

"You will laugh when you read LESSONS. You will shiver. You may not sleep again."  --John Fitch V, author of A GALAXY AT WAR and OBLOERON: THE RISE OF THE DARK FALCON (coming soon)

"It's hard to write a good story in exactly 100 words. It's even harder to do it twenty-five times in a row. But Michael Crane pulls it off. He really knows how to hit you in the gut and keep on swinging. I loved this little collection, and I think you will, too."  --Daniel Pyle, author of DISMEMBER and DOWN THE DRAIN

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