Friday, December 3, 2010

Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert, Friday, December 3: Final Days for a Free Short Story Pre-order from Bestselling LA Suspense Novelist Stephen Jay Schwartz, plus ...Ceri Clark's Children Of The Elementi (Today's Sponsor)

Today's freshly updated Free Book Alert listings feature over 175 contemporary titles for readers of widely varied tastes, and we'll give top billing to your final opportunity to pre-order Crossing The Line a Hayden Glass short story that sets the stage for Stephen Jay Schwartz’s Los Angeles Times bestselling debut novel, Boulevard, and its follow-up, BeatOrder it today and it will be sent automatically to your Kindle next Tuesday, December 7....

But First, a word from our Sponsor

by Ceri Clark

Here's the Set-Up: 

Step into the other-worldly realm of the Children of the Elementi, where the forces in conflict in the place called Eleria boil over, rubbing thin the world in which Jake lives.

When Jake discovers he is adopted it is the least of his worries. Now he has to learn how to control his growing powers over the elements of air, earth, fire and water. 

Not only that but the fate of Eleria rests in his hands. Without the other lost children he will stand no chance against the Elerian Emperor, who must find and kill Jake, or die himself.

From the Prologue: “They crept down the dark corridor. Nuin kept her breath shallow; mindful that the sweet smell of the burning trika-wood torch only barely hid the underlying reek of the disused corridor.

Dropping to a half crouch, Nuin gasped in pain. Kiron, only a few steps ahead, turned and lurched back to steady her. Nuin stroked the slight curve of her stomach, the only clue to her condition.

Panic flashed through her mind as the door in front of them splintered. She grew cold with fear as the tip of a sword broke through, announcing the invader's arrival.

The world exploded into fragments and a bright, blinding light overtook them.”

And from Chapter One: “Blocking out the sound of shouting from downstairs, Jake carried on tapping at his keyboard. Every night! He slammed the keys down on his keyboard with mounting frustration. His parents had never been like that.

He stared glumly at the nonsense he had just written.”

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