Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thriller Fans Note: Brad Meltzer's The Zero Game Discounted To $1.99 Until Dec. 27, Says Amazon Kindle Facebook Post Today

Brad Meltzer fans can get a cheap—not free—ebook of The Zero Game for $1.99 until December 27, according to an announcement posted today on Amazon's Kindle Facebook page.

The price was set by the publisher, Hachette Book Group, the note on the Kindle page states.

The book, published in 2004, logged 114 reviews in the Kindle Store  Those reviewers gave  it a middling 3.5 stars out of 5, but the professional reviewers loved it:

Publisher's Weekly:  Meltzer credits 143 people in his acknowledgments, a testament to massive research involving from the smallest details of our government's inner workings to the scientific complexities of chaos theory and advanced neutrino research. He's far too seasoned a pro (The Tenth Justice; The Millionaires) to ever let readers bog down in minutiae, though, using his impressive background material as rocket fuel for this rip-roaring novel of government intrigue.” 

Booklist:  Packed with plenty of backroom D.C. ambience and lots of action, the novel also boasts improved plotting and character development since Meltzer's last high-concept best-seller, The Millionaires (2001).

The Zero Game is No. 12 on the Kindle paid bestseller list at the moment, and No. 1 in the subcategories of “legal thrillers” and “political fiction.”

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