Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Planet iPad Free Book Alert, Wednesday, December 15, 2010: Ten Brand New Freebies! Drink Like a Pro, Run Like a Mother, Cook Like Harry Potter, Love Like a Tabloid Star and Much More, plus ...a Sci-Fi Fantasy, Lady from the Jade Mountain (TODAY'S SPONSOR)

Is it possible that there will be so many new freebies for the iPads, Galaxys and Kindles that lucky people open on Christmas morning that they won't have to spend a penny on content? We seem to be headed that way with ten brand new free additions -- with something to please just about everyone! -- to our 180+ Free Book Alert listings...

But first, a word from Our Sponsor
No good deed goes unpunished.

What seemed like a simple act of kindness by Thomas Eberle changes his life forever and leads him down paths of adventure and danger. Lady From the Jade Mountain is a contemporary sci-fi/fantasy ebook, it includes dragons, vampires and ancient gods! Oh my!

by Jonathan Saville
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Here's the Set-Up:

Excerpt from the author:

It’s amazing how simple things can become complicated when you don’t listen. I had been in for an eye exam and needed a prescription change. [They weren't ready as expected.] I was supposed to bring the old pair in first. I sighed quietly to myself and agreed to bring my glasses in.

The day I delivered them, [I found a parking] spot in the crowded mall lot. There were two older oriental men in the front seat [of a big white Jeep]. They seemed oblivious to the somewhat plump lady attempting to get into the vehicle. Since I was in no hurry, I walked over to offer my assistance.

“Can I help you grandmother?” I asked as I approached. I’m not sure why I added ‘grandmother’, but it just seemed right.

She whipped around to face me with a speed that belied her apparent age. Initially she seemed quite stern, almost angry, but her countenance softened immediately and she handed me her armload of bags.

“Thank you, kind stranger,” she said. “This new car is too high for an old lady like me to climb into, and my husband is too busy entertaining his friend to help.” She was still struggling so I offered my free hand and helped her into the seat.

And so begins the re-routing of Thomas Eberle's life.  Lady from the Jade Mountain is a contemporary Sci-Fi fantasy ebook.  It includes dragons, vampires and ancient gods.  Oh my!

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