Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday eBook Buying Guide: A Fresh and Easy Listing of Successful New eBook Authors to Peruse--From Bestseller J.A. Konrath

By Tom Dulaney, Editor in Chief

With the big snowstorm just starting on the East Coast of the US, the mobs of people who got iPads, Androids or Kindles as gifts don't need to worry about go out to find a good book to read.

For those whose favorite bestselling author is becoming a little too familiar, for those in need of something new to read, and for those wondering who the next bestselling authors will be, J.A. Konrath offers his Holiday eBook Buying Guide, free to use right in your browser.

On the night before Christmas, Konrath posted information on 28 books by independent authors who are all selling 1,000 or more books per week.  That's pretty good testimony that these books are worth a look.

Click here to visit Konrath's post, showing covers of the books, short summaries and links to purchase in the Kindle Store or elsewhere.  There's something for every taste.

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