Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Read a free sample of our eBook of the Day, Blank Slate without leaving your browser!

Noel Hynd, Christmas Tales, FourSquare Marketing, a New Free Game from Puzux, and more! plus ...and more about Blank Slate, A Thriller from Zack Hamric (Today's Sponsor)

Here's the set-up for Zack Hamric's thriller Blank Slate:

What happens when the Russian mob decides to go in business with the Columbian cartels in Miami? Nothing good, as Kyle Jackle quickly finds out in this tropical thriller.  

His mission to topple an organization involved in human trafficking and drug running takes him from the dangerous backstreets of Naples, Italy to the gritty underbelly of Miami.   

After almost being beaten to death in an alley one evening, he awakens to find himself hunted by the mob, unable to trust anyone he meets, and with no memory of his past life.

About the author:

After 20 years as a road warrior and "corporate citizen," easing long business trips with the company of thrillers by the likes of Tom Clancy and Lee Child, Zack Hamric sat down at the keyboard to make dreams come true.  Blank Slate, today's sponsoring thriller, is his second book, following Crescent Rising.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:

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