Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert, Tuesday, December 28: 7 free ebooks added today, including OSU's football coach with a winners manual for life, 3 thrillers and 2 new freebies for romantics wanting to live Happily Ever After , a religious fiction and a fantasy romance, plus.... a tropical thriller by Zack Hamric pits Kyle Jackle against the Russian mob and Columbian drug dealers in Blank Slate (Today's Sponsor)

Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel's "Winner's Manual: The Game of Life" just in, along with 3 thrillers, several romances and Phenomenal Girl.  Accompany Noel Hynd's Special Agent Alexandra LaDuca on an American President's visit to Ukraine, or meet Lainey Livingston, aka Phenomenal Girl 5, or learn why reclusive author Sara Walsh hides from the public ... all free, and all in today's latest additions to our 225+ Free Book Alert listings....

But First A Word From Today's Sponsor
After 20 years as a road warrior and "corporate citizen," easing long business trips with the company of thrillers by the likes of Tom Clancy and Lee Child, Zack Hamric sat down at the keyboard to make dreams come true.  Blank Slate, today's sponsoring thriller, is the second book born of Zack's dream that began in Crescent Rising.
Blank Slate 
By Zack Hamric
5.0 Stars  -  5 Reviews
Kindle Price:  $2.99
Text-to-Speech:  Enabled

And don't miss

Zack Hamric's
4.5 Stars  -  14 Reviews
 Kindle Price: $2.99

  Text-to-Speech: Enabled

What happens when the Russian mob decides to go in business with the Columbian cartels in Miami? Nothing good, as Kyle Jackle quickly finds out in this tropical thriller.  His mission to topple an organization involved in human trafficking and drug running takes him from the dangerous backstreets of Naples, Italy to the gritty underbelly of Miami.   After almost being beaten to death in an alley one evening, he awakens to find himself hunted by the mob, unable to trust anyone he meets, and with no memory of his past life.

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