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Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert, Sunday, December 26: Over 80 New Free Book Listings This Month, plus historic and torrid visit to ancient Rome, a deadly game of wits and sexuality in Vestal Virgin by Suzanne Tyrpak (Today's Sponsor)

Did you know that we've added over 80 new free books to our automatically updated Free Book Alert listings since December 1? That makes 220 in all -- but we seldom know for sure how long they will last, which is why we meet you here every day with the latest freebies....

But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor
NY Times bestselling authors Tess Gerritsen and Terry Brooks praise Suzanne Tyrpak as a talented new voice in fiction, and so will you.... 
by Suzanne Tyrpak
4.0 Stars  - 2 Reviews

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This  gripping story is set against ancient Rome and peopled with the major players of the time...a prophet named Paul, our hero, Elissa--a vestal virgin sworn to chastity--and of course, the psychopathic, megalomaniac Nero.
Here's the set-up:

Elissa Rubria Honoria is a Vestal Virgin--priestess of the sacred flame, a visionary, and one of the most powerful women in Rome. 

Vestals are sacrosanct, sworn to chastity on penalty of death, but the emperor, Nero, holds himself above the law. He pursues Elissa, engaging her in a deadly game of wits and sexuality. Or is Elissa really the pursuer? She stumbles on dark secrets.

No longer trusting Roman gods, she follows a new god, Jesus of Nazareth, jeopardizing her life and the future of The Roman Empire.

Please note: Due to the setting and the times, the book includes several scenes involving deviant sex--suggestive rather than graphic--and not more than a few paragraphs.

 *  New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks says,
"...a writer of real talent...a promising new voice."  

 *  New York Times bestselling author Tess Gerritsen says, 
"Suzanne Tyrpak weaves a spell that utterly enchants and delights. Her writing is pure magic."

    * "A torrid tale of love, honor, and sacrifice pitted against horrific acts of murder, betrayal, and depravity.  Rife with intrigue and brimming with exquisite detail, Vestal Virgin is a deftly paced masterpiece of historical fiction.  I hope Tyrpak is planning another foray into this ancient world . . . and soon!"
-- Eldon Thompson, author of The Divine Talisman  

"...well-researched historical fiction with a killer of a story and characters you both love and hate. All that and more lies waiting in Suzanne Tyrpak's phenomenal debut, VESTAL VIRGIN." -- Blake Crouch, bestselling author of 18 novels.

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