Saturday, December 18, 2010

How Does The Average Book Lover Discover Hot New Authors & Great New Reads for Low Prices? Answer: Bloggers, Including Author J.A. Konrath, Planet iPad, and Kindle Nation Daily, To Name Just A Few, Make It Easy

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Authors you've never heard of—or are just now learning about--are quietly making handsome livings, thanks to the ebook revolution. For readers, that means more excellent authors and more great books to read, at lower prices.

J.A. Konrath is a fine example of the rising flock of “unknown” new authors. He listed a host of other rising start on his popular blog, A Newbie's Guide To Publishing, yesterday.

Book lovers in need of a new read, or looking for a new author because their famed bestseller is getting a bit repetitive, are encouraged to go to the Konrath blog, where he has links to a long list of new faces.

In the blog, Konrath dissects recent figures suggesting that ebook sales growth is slowing down. And he reveals that independent authors—indie authors—are starting to make some serious money by going direct to readers and bypassing the old publishing establishment.

Konrath reports he's made $26,000 in the last 6 weeks. That's an average of f $4,333 a week, or $225,000 annually. That, of course, is if the sales remain the same. But Konrath is a rising star, so it's likely his “annual salary” is on the way up.

Do readers care? Whether they do or not, a load of great new books are suddenly rising up the charts from "unknown" authors.  More writers can spend their time writing and not waiting tables or flipping burgers.  That means readers are now beginning to enjoy a flood of new choices, new story lines, new main characters, and even new genres of literature.

It's a bit of a chore for the average reader to discover the rising new talent in ebooks. But bloggers like Konrath, our sister blog Kindle Nation Daily and Planet iPad constantly bring the new faces to the fore every day.  KND and PI, for example, feature a new face twice every day on each blog.

On any given day, a rising star sponsors our Free Book Alerts and fronts the day's list with a summary of their current book. The next day, a chapter of that book appears on the blogs, letting readers check out the first chapter right in their browsers.

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