Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert, Wednesday, December 1: A Distinct International Flavor to A Dozen New Free Listings to Begin December, plus ... Awakening: Dead Forever Book 1 by William Campbell (Today's Sponsor)

Hoping that yesterday's publisher-pricing shenanigans are disappearing in the rear-view mirror, we start off the new month with an intriguing international array of a dozen new additions to add to the latest listings to our 150+ Free Book Alert listings...

But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor

Imagine a world where death is merely an inconvenience....  

by William Campbell
4.3 out of 5 stars 7 Reviews
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Imagine a world where death is merely an inconvenience. A new body awaits and we resume living, fully aware of the past. Every love, talent and distaste, retained from one life to the next. But this immortal paradise has a price -- eternal life as slaves, oppressed by masters who forbid individuality, creative expression, and free thinking.

A band of rebels refuses to conform, but for a population that reincarnates, the government is powerless to eliminate insurgents. Putting them to death is useless. The rebels will return, again and again. The final solution -- perpetual amnesia. Kill their memory of past lives, and banish the rebels to a lonely corner of the galaxy.

Robbed of his identity and purpose, a reluctant hero is dumped into a transient existence, and he regards himself as insignificant. But he is of great interest to agents in black who come to collect him. His decision to flee begins a journey of rediscovery, but some of it he would rather leave buried. When an oddball crew of fellow rebels comes to his rescue, the boundaries of reality are tested, and who to trust is anyone's guess.

Eager to arouse his memory, a flirtatious member of the rebel team shows him the life he once enjoyed, and more, as he returns to a strange world where bodies are manufactured and childhood is obsolete. If only he could be a child again. First he'll have to remember how to reincarnate.
William Campbell

Awakening begins the Dead Forever trilogy, followed by Apotheosis and Resonance.

94k words, 266 pages.

From the Publisher

"Awakening is a professionally written and solidly edited book that I feel is well worth the price and time you'll spend on it. Cool science concepts made believable and an interesting story line by an author who's unafraid to have some fun while he's writing."
-- Clayton Bye, The Deepening World of Fiction

"In the action adventure, the pace is non-stop race from being back in the hands of authority and always questioning the position and actions of the rebel group. The characters are a little odd, but extremely realistic and likable. The personal voice is the strength of the novel in that you feel as if you really live in the main hero's body with him."
-- Teri Davis, Reviews by Teri blogspot

"Each character has a unique personality and Campbell does a great job of bringing them to life."
-- Charline Ratcliff, Rebecca's Reads

"Dead Forever Awakening is a fascinating science fiction adventure, highly recommended."
-- Midwest Book Review

William Campbell resides in Portland, Oregon where he operates the pre-media services provider Revere Graphics and the micro-publisher Glyd-Evans Press.

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