Friday, December 31, 2010

Kindle Deal of the Day--Dec. 31: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The Fat Tail, L is for Lollygag, and More! For a Limited Time: 20 Kindle Bestsellers and Great Reads for 99 cents to $3.99

Each of the 20 books below is offered at prices from 99 cents to $3.99, and most of these prices will be gone when you wake up tomorrow morning, so be sure to make your picks and complete your clicks before they go away!

Most of these titles are Kindle Deal of the Day offerings, and they flip over anew each morning. Bookmark this link to check for yourself each day:

Kindle Deal of the Day at  

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A pirate wench is not what "she" seems in Marsha Canham's The Wind and the Sea ... Just $3.99 on KindleKINDLE FREE FOR ALL: How to Get Millions of Free
Books and Other Free Content....
by Stephen Windwalker - 99 cents

A Congregation of Jackals
by S. Craig Zahler

A Grand New Day: A Full Year of Daily Inspiration and Encouragement
by Women of Faith

Bob Zuppke: The Life and Football Legacy of the Illinois Coach
by Maynard Brichford

Cormac McCarthy: A Literary Companion
by Erik Hage

Existential Joss Whedon: Evil And Human Freedom in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly And Serenity
by J. Michael Richardson and J. Douglas Rabb

The Fat Tail : The Power of Political Knowledge in an Uncertain World (with a New Preface)
by Ian Bremmer and Preston Keat

Fortune-Telling Book of the Zodiac
by K.C. Jones

Grace for the Moment: A 365-Day Devotional Journal
by Max Lucado

L is for Lollygag
by Tracy Sunrize Johnson

Miranda's Big Mistake
by Jill Mansell

The Boy Who Changed the World
by Andy Andrews

The Granny Diaries: An Insider's Guide for New Grandmothers
by Adair Lara

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
by Carson McCullers

The Sonarman's War: A Memoir of Submarine Chasing and Mine Sweeping in World War II
by H. G. Jones

The Thorn (The Rose Trilogy)
by Beverly Lewis

The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia
by Peter Dendle

WCS Pocket Guide: San Francisco
by Ben Winters

The Call of Zulina (Book One of the Grace in Africa Series)
by Kay Marshall Strom

Why Does E=mc2?
by Brian Cox

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