Saturday, December 4, 2010

Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert, Saturday, December 4: Three New Holiday Titles Top 180+ Freebies, plus ... charm, fun, murder & mystery--all in Dead To Writes by Cathy Wiley (Today's Sponsor)

We're pleased to shine a spotlight on three recently added holiday titles in today's presentation of over 180 Free Book Alert listings....

But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor

Start your evening with the charming and funny Cassandra Ellis. If it were up to her, she'd be at her keyboard writing her next novel, but the dead bodies keep turning up to distract her. You won't be able to put down Cathy Wiley's Dead to Writes. But don't believe us. Check out this free 16,000 word excerpt.

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by Cathy Wiley

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  • An author hardly has time to celebrate the release of her first murder mystery before she has to step up to some real-life horror. She is forced to face the homicide of someone who helped her in researching her book. Detective James Whittaker is the only good thing about her being questioned in the case, but the second murder muddies the situation. What does it mean that she was the last to see both victims?

    Here's the set up:

    Author Cassandra Ellis is thrilled to death when her first murder mystery novel is released. She enjoys glowing reviews, praise from friends and family, and the excitement from being published.

    Her celebration is cut short when she becomes the primary suspect for a real life murder. One of the sources she used while writing her novels has been shot, and Cassie is the last to have seen him alive.

    With her passion for research, she always wanted a firsthand view of the Baltimore City Police Department's inner workings. She never dreamed she'd get that experience by being taken in for questioning as a suspect.

    When another of her experts is murdered a few days later, she decides it’s time to investigate matters firsthand, much to the displeasure of James Whittaker, the homicide detective assigned to the case.

    Before more friends die... or before Cassie herself is targeted.

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