Monday, October 11, 2010

A Transition to a New Day for Planet iPad

It's the beginning of what is going to be an exciting week for the Planet iPad blog, and I will get to that in just a moment, but first it is time for an apology. Due to the relentless claims of other important projects, the initial flow of posts on this blog -- 42 posts each month in April and May -- slowed down to 20 in June and 8 in July before coming to a standstill by the end of the summer. I apologize for the inactivity.

But the good news is that we have now brought a very talented editor and writer aboard in the person of author Tom Dulaney. Beginning tomorrow, October 11, Tom will be reviving the Planet iPad blog with daily posts on topics of direct interest to folks who enjoy reading on their iPads. It has been clear from the beginning that this blog can play an important part in helping iPad owners to find good reading material as inexpensively as possible while also sharing other important information to help us get the most out of out iPads. And it is equally clear to me that Tom Dulaney is the right person to deliver on that promise, with your help as readers.

Meanwhile, I will continue as publisher, occasional contributor, fan, and fellow citizen of Planet iPad. Happy reading!

Thanks for your interest and support.

Steve Windwalker

*     **     *

It's an honor and a great opportunity to have a front-row seat on the exciting new world the Apple iPad has "discovered."

Planet iPad readers and iPad early adopters blaze a new trail in the spread of knowledge and information. The only parallel--Gutenberg's invention of the printing press--changed the world. The printing press is credited by historians with triggering and leading to the Scientific Revolution, the Protestant Reformation, and the age known as the Enlightenment, among other major changes in history.

The technical marvel of the iPad and its competitors promises to do no less. For example, the just-concluded Frankfurt Book Fair buzzed with excitement and speculation about the "enhanced book," already the successor of the ebook. Ken Follett, author of a shelf full of bestsellers, is among authors moving forward quickly with books that are more than words on a page, printed or electronic.

iPad users lead the way, as well. The interplay between the developers' latest gadgets and users' creative application of those gadgets to new activities guides the development of the next generation of iPads and all tablets.

It's a thrilling and unpredictable ride into new territory. My good fortune is to have a front row seat on the action, to spend all day watching the plays and moves, then sharing it with owners so they get the most out of their iPads.


Tom Dulaney

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