Monday, October 11, 2010

iPad At Work: South Africa Reporter At J-Burg Times

Reporter's iPad Works Press Conferences,
Serves Up Reading Material for Work and Fun

Tony Shapshak, a reporter for the The Times in Johannesburg, writes that the iPad will be available in South Africa later this year.  But he got one in advance during a US trip in May, and says it quickly became an "inescapable" part of his life.

His article this Sunday just past takes a look at the iPad and its upcoming competition, notably the Galaxy Tab from Samsung.

Shapshak opines the iPad will only go on-the-job for "non-traditional" work environments.  That obviously includes writing for a major newspaper: he uses his iPad for notetaking at press conferences, and for on- and off-the-job reading.

"I read a lot, so I use the Kindle software (Kindle for the iPad), Evernote and a clever app called Goodreader," he writes.

His conclusion:  "The tablet's time has come."  His question is:  Which one?

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