Friday, October 15, 2010

Apple Stock Up Again, Riding A Week of News On Added Places to Buy iPads

Apple Stock Up Again on News Verizon To Sell iPads;
Closes Friday at $314.74, up from Record $301 Thursday

By Tom Dulaney

Oct. -15  Amazon's price per share surged to $314.74 at the close of the stock market.  It pierced the $300 ceiling for the first time ever the day before, riding a continuing wave of investor approval of the announcement Wal-Mart would sell iPad, starting today.

Then Verizon and Apple announced Verizon phone stores would begin selling iPads bundled with "MiFi" portable hotspot as of Oct. 28.

Stock analysts seem impressed as the iPad continues moving vigorously into places where November and December shoppers can see, touch and buy them. Yesterday, Wall St. rewarded Apple for expanding their distribution channel for iPads to include Wal-Mart, which began selling them today.

The addition of Wal-Mart helped push Amazon shares above the $300 mark for the first time. Today's Verizon announcement means holiday shoppers will more easily come face to face with iPads.  They'll be selling through the holidays and beyond at:

Verizon  mall and stand-alone stores
AT&T mall and stand-alone stores
Wal-Mart (with Sam's Club to come)
Best Buy

Coincidentally with Verizon's announcement it will sell "MiFi enhanced iPads" beginning Oct. 28, Amazon shares closed at  $314.74 at the end of the trading day on Wall St.

The iPad keeps getting rave notices as the tech product of the year from knowledgeable experts at such companies as Nielsen, the market research firm.

Trefis, a firm of stock and company analysts often quoted by Forbes and, is currently projecting Amazon share prices to rise to over $360 over the next three years.

Analysts from Trefis currently put the iPad's contribution to Apple's projected share price at a projected 7.6%.

 Planet iPad circled the iPad percentage to call it to readers' attention.

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