Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miner Media Mania: 'Another Book' On Chilean Miners Rumored

The way things are trending, iPad owners soon will see be getting a multimedia blast of the story of the trapped Chilean miners.  The ad-friendly iPad owners can expect ebooks, clips, and movie trailers to join the current batch of video of the drama.

Book deals, movie deals, even product endorsements—all are reportedly inundating the 33 miners safely pulled from the depths in a daring rescue featuring a nation holding its collective breath but never giving up hope.  With the rescue, now it is time for the people who never give up hype.

Publishers' Lunch, the free email teaser for the paid-circulation Publishers' Marketplace, today boasted of posting “50 new deals yesterday” and in the batch: “Another book on the Chilean miners, this from Chilean journalist Manuel Pino.”

The Telegraph in England has been covering the story since the mishap trapped the miners.  The Telegraph  indirectly referred to the media deals being offered to the men, who swore a pact underground to keep details of the ordeal close.

In a media frenzy, reports on miners getting married, miners cheating on their wives, miners making the slightest move fly furiously in print, on the web and TV.

The story of the mine rescue, the faith of families and a nation that kept up hope and kept trying, and of the men trapped so many days in darkness, is a compelling story, to be sure. And an army of journalists, authors, movie makers and product promoters are hammering away at the opportunity to cash in on the story.

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