Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shook Up In Time By Shaken ? Here's a Little Help

J.A. Konrath's derring-do with Shaken, released in ebook pieces over the last few months on Amazon (Part 1) and exclusively on Planet iPad and Kindle Nation Daily (Parts 2, 3 and 4) can befuddle fans who have read the freebies. How do we rush to where we left off to continue on to the exciting conclusion in the published book?

Many iPad and Kindle owners have no doubt figured this out, but for others like me, here's a tip: Go to Shaken on your iPad or Kindle. Then select “search” on your device or in the Kindle App on your iPad. Search for this: “kill two for” and wait.

Nothing in those words will spoil anything, as common as they are.

Since the ebook is really two ebooks—one in the helter-skelter flashback and forward original, and then the “Linear” Shaken in chronological order, choose carefully from the results of your search. Whether you are reading in KST—Konrath Scrambled Time—or the more familiar time zones of daily life, you'll get right to the cliffhanger where the free pre-quel No. 4 left you dangling.

And just because Planet iPad helped you thread through this little maze, don't think Konrath is done messing with your mind. But you'll have to read the author's “From the Author” note tucked ahead of the first chapter and contents page, and his “Afterword” at the end of the story for that.

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