Wednesday, October 27, 2010

'NY Post App Amazing, Awesome, Completely Necessary' Says The Village Voice

“It is amazing and if you are a New Yorker you must own this as soon as humanly possible,” Foster Kamer urges in a Village Voice blog report that reviews the New York Post App for the iPad.

Kamer rates the App as “pretty solid” on most fronts. But what thrilled the reporter was that the App lets users make their own covers and headlines—and share them with friends.

He included a link to a YouTube demo of the Post App. In the video, a sleepy-voiced narrator does voice over for a reporter's moving hand. The hand demos the Post's virtual pages.

The App, available in the app store, looks pretty slick, with clear text and images and the ability to move pages left and right.  Columns of text slide up and down at the stroke of a finger for easy reading.

Highlight of the video: An all-too-short look at making a custom cover. The app lets readers choose from several Post photos, then users write their own headlines.

“This is the most fun I've had in months,” Kamer concludes his column, illustrated with a few of his personally designed Post covers (left).

The Village Voice, not known for pulling its punches, printed Kamer's take: “To News Corp's evil, terrible credit, they really did well on this one.”

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