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Planet iPad Free Book Alert: October 13: Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon--And the Journey of a Generation, plus You're a stuffed bunny and it's the end of the world in ZOMBOCALYPSE NOW (Today's Sponsor), and over 100 more fully updated and category-sorted free Kindle ebook listings

Sheila Weller tells the story of a generation through the lives of three of its iconic singer-songwriters -- Joni, Carly, and Carole -- in the first of several brand new additions to our newly updated list of free Kindle ebooks....

But first ... a word from our sponsor....

Okay, enough with singer-songwriters already. The deal here is that you're a stuffed bunny and it's the end of the world....

by Matt Youngmark
4.7 out of 5 stars  (12 customer reviews) 
Print List Price:    $14.95 Kindle Price:    $5.99 

I'm hoping that that last line just before the cover image got your attention, because this is serious! Well, it could be.

Remember those choose-your-own-ending books you grew up with or read to your kids? They were great fun, but perhaps just a tad earnest? 

Now, with Zombocalypse Now, we can re-imagine them and take control of our own destinies in a grownup comedy/horror re-imagining of the choose-your-own-ending books you grew up with. This madcap, PG-13, pick-your-path adventure book is ideal for the iPad as it places the reader on a blind date with the living dead, and then spirals out of control along any number of increasingly-bizarre paths. You’ll be confronted with undead hordes, improper police procedure, the sexiest zombie ever, and the very real possibility that you’ll lose your grip on reality and wind up chewing the carpets.  Novel-length (the trade paperback runs 280 pages), Zombocalypse Now includes 112 possible endings, including at least seven in which you don’t die. Yep, you could download this one and still be alive tomorrow!

Quick links to each choice make the iPad an ideal way to enjoy this madcap, pick-your-path adventure (without even having to stick your fingers in the pages to mark your place while you are trying to guard against disaster!).  

The zombie apocalypse has never been this much fun.

And here ... major testimonial just ahead ... although the author and publisher have placed this carefully in the PG-13 category ... I confess that I read this one to my 12-year-old son Danny a few weeks back ... yep he's 12 and about to be taller than me and I still read him to sleep ... and he gave it the Danny Seal of Approval, which I assure you is not given out easily!

Click on the title to download Zombocalypse Now (Chooseomatic Books) (or a free sample) to your Kindle or free Kindle app and start reading within 60 seconds!

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The 25 Newest Free Book Titles in the Kindle Store 

Frankie Pickle and the Mathematical Menace
By: Eric Wight
Added: 10/12/2010 4:01:08am
Mission Accomplished! Or How We Won the War in Iraq: The Experts Speak
By: Christopher Cerf
Added: 10/12/2010 4:01:08am
Lucky for Good
By: Susan Patron
Added: 10/12/2010 4:01:08am
The Truth About Negotiations
By: Leigh L. Thompson
Added: 10/11/2010 8:17:57am
Relentless (Dominion Trilogy #1)
By: Robin Parrish
Added: 10/11/2010 8:17:57am
The Power of a Whisper: Hearing God, Having the Guts to Respond
By: Bill Hybels
Added: 10/11/2010 8:17:57am
Tahn: A Novel
By: L. A. Kelly
Added: 10/11/2010 8:17:57am
Beer Is Proof God Loves Us: Reaching for the Soul of Beer and Brewing
By: Charles W. Bamforth
Added: 10/11/2010 8:17:57am
Alfred Sloan's Way
By: New Word City
Added: 10/11/2010 8:17:57am
The Truth About Leading Teams: The Essential Truths in 20 Minutes
By: Martha I. Finney
Added: 10/11/2010 8:17:57am
By: Gary Smalley
Added: 10/10/2010 4:01:08am
Sin's Daughter
By: Eve Silver
Added: 10/09/2010 4:01:20am
CEB New Testament
By: Common English Bible
Added: 10/08/2010 4:01:14am
Billy Boyle: A World War II Mystery
By: James R. Benn
Added: 10/08/2010 4:01:14am
Shadow Bound
By: Erin Kellison
Added: 10/07/2010 2:01:14pm
The Holy Bible: HCSB Digital Text Edition
By: B&H Publishing Group
Added: 10/07/2010 4:01:07am
Cure for the Chronic Life
By: Shane Stanford
Added: 10/05/2010 2:01:21pm
Publish on Amazon Kindle with the Digital Text Platform
Added: 10/05/2010 4:01:23am
Mr. Darcy's Diary
By: Amanda Grange
Added: 10/05/2010 4:01:23am
FORTUNE IS A WOMAN [Keeping Mr. Right] (Optimized & Ad-Free)
By: Francine Saint Marie
Added: 10/05/2010 4:01:23am
Sandman Slim with Bonus Content
By: Richard Kadrey
Added: 10/05/2010 4:01:23am
By: Terri Blackstock
Added: 10/04/2010 2:01:40pm
Only You
By: Deborah Grace Staley
Added: 10/04/2010 2:01:40pm
Dawn's Prelude (Song of Alaska Series, Book 1)
By: Tracie Peterson
Added: 10/04/2010 4:01:11am
On Bear Mountain
By: Deborah Smith
Added: 10/04/2010 4:01:11am
Rain Song
By: Alice Wisler
Added: 10/04/2010 4:01:11am
Dixie Divas
By: Virginia Brown
Added: 10/04/2010 4:01:11am
Thoughts on The Promise and Darkness On The Edge Of Town
By: Bruce Springsteen
Added: 10/03/2010 2:01:31pm
The DNA of Relationships
By: Gary Smalley
Added: 10/03/2010 4:01:24am
The Tempest: A Guy of Gisborne Story
By: Charlotte Hawkins
Added: 10/01/2010 2:01:18pm
The Unsuspecting Mage (The Morcyth Saga Book One)
By: Brian S. Pratt
Added: 10/01/2010 2:01:18pm
Shatter (The Children of Man)
By: Elizabeth C. Mock
Added: 10/01/2010 2:01:18pm
Arousing Love
By: M. H. Strom
Added: 10/01/2010 2:01:18pm
Woman of Sin
By: Debra Diaz
Added: 10/01/2010 2:01:18pm
Outlander: with Bonus Content
By: Diana Gabaldon
Added: 10/01/2010 4:01:02am
Love Me
By: Kelly Jamieson
Added: 10/01/2010 4:01:02am
Life Lessons Study Guide: Acts
By: Max Lucado
Added: 10/01/2010 4:01:02am
By: John MacArthur
Added: 10/01/2010 4:01:02am
Listening to God
By: Charles F. Stanley
Added: 10/01/2010 4:01:02am

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