Friday, October 29, 2010

Stephen King Knocked Out Kindle Exclusive Novella Ur In 3 Days & Earned $80K On It

Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg's report for the Wall Street Journal today gives details of an interview with author Stephen King on the subject of ebooks, King's use of them, and a peek at his ebook earnings.

The impressive news:  King worked on his ebook Ur for three days and made $80,000 from selling it on Amazon. At $3.19, even at the standard 35% royalty Amazon Digital Text Publishing authors got at the time, that factors out to just under 80,000 readers who bought the book.

Ur was written exclusively for the Kindle and features as a “character” a hot pink Kindle ebook reader with “King”-sized supernatural apps. Back in February 2009, only those "insiders" who owned a Kindle could read it—the rest of the world had to do without. Now, by way of apps for the iPad, iPhone, Android, PC and such, Ur can reach millions of ebook readers without Kindles. Ur is also available in an audio edition for $10.19 and an instant-gratification Audible Edition edition at $7.87.

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