Sunday, October 17, 2010

Planet iPad: Week in Review, Oct. 10-17

Sunday Free Book Alert:  Chinatown Beat, Henry Chang's debut of the Detective Jack Yu Series.  Sponsor:  Steve Anderson's Losing Role, a WWII detective yarn. 

National Book Award Nominees:  12 of 20 National Book Award Nominees Available For Your iPad

The Saturday Free Book Alert:  Leading off this edition is a report:   2nd Installment--Free--of Shaken, a unique serial release of J.A. Konrath's book.  Konrath,, Kindle Nation Daily and Planet iPad are collaborating in an innovative book publishing effort leading up to release of the full  book--including the exciting conclusion.  The whole book releases on Oct. 26.  (now available for pre-order at $2.99).

The Hill, the largest circulation publication by, for, and about Capitol Hill, covers the inside political scoop and the social and party scene dirt inside the beltway.  It's published in print  for Congressmen, their aides, lobbyists and anyone in the "influence industry."  The print circulation of 21,000 of The Hill is now joined by iPad readers who get the free app.

Wal-Mart:  iPads went on sale at Wal-Marts on Friday (Oct. 15) and will go on sale in Verizon stores on Oct. 28, where a "Mi-Fi" attachment will do for Verizon users what AT&T's previously exclusive 3G had done.  The stock market loved the expanded distribution of iPads.

The New York Times beefed up its iPad app in the iStore, expanding to open most sections of the paper to iPad readers  The Times will be free until 2011.  The New York Post started selling subscriptions in the iStore.

The Free Book Alert plus 25 Hour Lottery Ticket, sponsor for the day.  Leading the free-book lineup for the day:  Vivi Andrews' The Ghost Shrink, The Accidental Gigolo and The Poltergeist Accountant.

Announcement that Planet iPad joins its sister blog, Kindle Nation Daily, in an innovative serial release of J.A. Konrath's newest Jack Daniels mystery,

iPad Apps Update:   TedTalks,  ITGO HD,  Mindmapping App, ESPN's ScoreCenter and Mondo Solitaire.

The Thursday Free Book Alert featured The Lord is My Shepherd: The 23rd Psalm Mysteries, 

Amazon stock breaks record on news Wal-Mart To Sell iPads at Stores on Oct. 15, Sam's Club To Follow--the announcement.

iPads "Killing" Amazon With Kindness and Sales:  iPad  Users Like Buying Ebooks In Amazon Bookstore.

From $ 0 to $9.99--Free No More:  Featured as a free book on Wednesday, Girls Like Us:  Carol King, Joni Mitchell, Carley Simon--And The Journey of a Generation, commanded $9.99 on Sunday, Oct. 17 and held the No. 70 spot in the bestseller list of paid Amazon Kindle books.

Planet iPad Short, a 10,000 word excerpt 
from Regression, by Kathy Bell.

Another Planet iPad Short:  Lancelot's Lady by Cherish D'Angelo.

President G. W. Bush's Decision Points releases.

Free Book Alert kicks off with Billy Boyle:  A World War II Mystery that went from free to $9.99 and back to free.  Sponsor of the day:  Girl on Fire by former Miss American Pageant contestant, Miss Massachusetts, Rena Diane Walmsley.

"Fragments:  Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters," 
the private scribblings of Marilyn Monroe, went on sale as a high-resolution print and picture book on paper and a reduced resolution but still colorful ebook for the iPad.  Still looks black and white on the Kindle.

iPad Owner Demographics From Nielsen Survey
:  Younger, Not As Much Money or Education As Kindle Owners.  But large numbers really like the ads on the iPad.


iPad Hitting Peak of The Hill in Nielsen's Hype Cycle Report

iPad at Work With Reporter in South Africa

bush letter

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