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Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert, Saturday, April 23: Two Brand New Pre-Order Previews + 250 Other Free Kindle Books! plus … A Gothic comedy fairy tale romance, Blood Line (Today’s Sponsor)

Whether you feel like cooking up some romance or a recipe for mystery with a Turkish twist, we’ve got some fascinating free reading for you atop this morning’s latest additions to our 250+ Free Book Alert listings….

But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor
A novel that has it all:  A comedy Gothic fairy tale romance about sacrificial love, teen angst and the rights of passage--for the teen in everyone.
By Kate Hamilton
4.0 Stars  -  4 Reviews

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Here's the set-up:

A FAIRY TALE ROMANCE about sacrificial love and the rite of passage from teenage angst and confusion to maturity.  Blood Line deals in a most subtle and clever way with the reality of true love. 

When Lauren MacBreach's angel turns up and offers to save her from a fate worse than death she turns him down. It does not take her very long to regret her decision as she is catapulted across the Atlantic to an unknown destination filled with crazy people who attempt to do away with her. 

She meets Euphemia - 'Mia' - a distant cousin who has more than a little interest in the Laird; Ginger, who is a little too trigger happy for comfort; Erroll, who has a strange take on eightsome reels.

Historical enactments of the Boston tea party and a Haggis Hunt add to the fun.  But why does the vicar have a sacrificial altar in his bedroom? What was the Laird of Tomindoul doing on his visit to the King of Spain? And just who is The Tawny Man?

Fortunately her angel is there to save her. After all, she is his first case. But even he ist fallible. In doubt as to whether the stunningly tall, dark and handsome Laird of Tomindoul is to be her husband or her killer, Lauren trusts her angel will save her from that fate worse than death. But she does not know when or how.

A hilarious romp in the Scottish Highlands, Blood Line is a Gothic comedy. 

"Hamilton has an incredible sense of character voice and behavior."

"I especially loved the perfect ending."

"A real corker of a novel . . . earthly and angelic."

From the reviewers:

What do an angel that glows with the same power as a 60 watt light bulb, a stolen shadow, missed homework reports and a Scottish Laird have in common? Precisely!  An absolute must, this is a real corker of a novel for young and old, earthly and angelic. A must read from this fabulous new author.

BLOOD LINE is a clever premise. Although it's intended as a young adult novel, it is also interesting to adults. Certianly I enjoyed it. This is by far the most unusual romance since "Sleepless in Seattle."

This book has some interesting twists and turns, definitely taking the reader to unexpected places! I also loved the use of humor throughout....not in-your-face humor, but subtle humor. Very imaginative author! Will be watching for more from her!

About the author:

Kate Hamilton lives in her writing studio in Edinburgh, Scotland.  She loves driving her sports car in the beautiful Scottish landscape, playing classical piano and reading.

Visiting castles, country houses and interesting locations provide her with inspiration.  Sometimes she will visit a new location only to discover she had already written about it in a novel.

Her conclusion is that there is more to this thing we call imagination than we realize.  Kate grew up in Highgate, North London and has lived in many places abroad including Southeast Asia.

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