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Planet iPad Free Book Alert, April 7, 2011: Experts weigh in with advice on getting the work done, bullying, business, Googling, managing change; The Golden Acorn's magic for kids; a novel about a 35-year-old love note found in a VW Beetle--all new to enrich our Free Book Alert featuring 240+ reads for all tastes, sponsored by a chick lit treat in Falling Fast by Lucy Kevin

Expert advice from the author of Bagger Vance on getting the job done, expert advice for parents about bullying, expert advice for business on making the most of Google's search engine, expert business advice on managing change, The Golden Acorn's magic for kids, and a novel plot incited by a 35-year-old love letter enrich the crown of our Free Book Alert featuring 240+ reads for all tastes, plus a chick lit treat in Falling Fast .

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Satisfied readers say Lucy Kevin takes them back to the days when they were in their twenties, with all the angst and excitement those times present in a young woman's life.  Hop aboard Falling Fast to see who the main character, Alexa, brings to mind from your past or how someone like her might be you in your future.  
(A romance novel about secrets, reality TV...and unexpected love)
By Lucy Kevin
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Editor's note:  Don't be fooled because Falling Fast has not collected any reviews just yet.  Once upon a time, the Da Vinci Code and Twilight  didn't have any reviews, either.  It's all about timing and the ebook market.  In this case, just take a look at another one of Lucy Kevin's books and its 4.5 Stars with 15 reviews  --Seattle Girl -- to learn why you should consider Falling Fast as today's must-read.

Here's the set-up:

When Alexa is sent by a magazine to be an undercover contestant on the reality TV series "Falling For Mr. Right" she assumes the worst part of the assignment will be having to act like a brainless bimbo to win the affection of an arrogant guy out looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Color her shocked when it turns out not only are several of her fellow contestants intelligent, funny women...but Brandon – aka Mr. Right - isn't at all the kind of guy she thought he'd be.

What's Alexa supposed to do when instead of digging up dirt for her cover story, she finds herself falling way too fast for the guy she’s supposed to tear apart in her first big feature story?
* * *

About the Author:

Lucy Kevin is also the author of SEATTLE GIRL  (A young adult romance about love, sex...and my really big mouth) and two other books in the Kindle Store. She loves to read everything from teen fiction to chick lit to romance, especially Meg Cabot, Susan Mallery, Sophie Kinsella, Nora Roberts, and Ally Carter.

Visit the author on the web at

In lieu of the reviews sure to come for Falling Fast, look at what 17 reviewers have said of Kevin's other work:

Seattle Girl was a funny and realistic book, which took me back to my twenties, where I sometimes felt like everything was not going to plan and nothing would work out right, but looking back, it was I time that I would never forget or regret. The character of Georgia is a character that I feel many women, young and older (like me) can relate too and taking the journey with her was entertaining and interesting.

Really enjoyed the book. Kept me interested throughout and was riveting. I could relate to the main character and enjoyed her little journey. Would definitely recommend for any chick-lit fans!

Seattle Girl was a fun and real easy read! For me gets to the point that I get sad that the story is getting to an end, it's really that good. Most of all, what I really loved about this book is the friendship that is being presented in Georgia, Diane & Seth. Love It! Looking forward to Lucy's other two books.

Seattle Girl was entertaining from start to finish. The main character, Georgia, is easy to relate to and so much like I was in my early 20's that sometimes I felt I was reading my autobiography. Fun, fast-paced, and thoroughly enjoyable! I can't wait to read something else by Lucy Kevin.....a delightful treat all the way around.

Seattle Girl was very entertaining. Once I got started, I couldn't put it down. The main characters are easy to love! I would highly recommend reading this's great for reading on the beach or while walking on the treadmill!

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