Saturday, April 16, 2011

In Hard Times We Can Learn From Fiction That Reflects Life, As In A Depression Era Novel Like Our eBook Of The Day. Read A Free Sample of Line By Line Without Leaving Your Browser!

Here's the set-up for Barbara Hacha's Line By Line:

The 1930s: As the Great Depression deepens and her family disintegrates, Maddy Skobel flees her central Ohio town —by freight train—determined to make her own way. Learning to survive as a hobo while facing hardship, danger, and violence, Maddy must discover her own resourcefulness and strengths.

Through Maddy's eyes, Line by Line explores larger themes that especially resonate today: coming of age in times of economic devastation, trust in our government, and the life-shaping influence of family—both the family that we are born into and the family we create as we surround ourselves with those who matter most.

From the reviewers:

Beautifully crafted--Maddy's journey takes her through hobo jungles, railroads,and vineyards, exposing her to a host of people and events that enable her to gain wisdom, love, and strength along the way. A rich and unforgettable novel describing a time that not only tested the mettle of the protagonist but of the country. 

 Maddy refuses to give in on what life throws her way. She sees a lot through her life such as railroads, the people who work at them and how they live. She also meets hobo's what they are like and various other people whom give her strength and she starts looking inside herself. She finds love in herself, strength and new life along her journey. Maddy is a very memorable character you want to read more about. This is a must read!

Recreating the 1930s with realistically drawn characters and authentic circumstances, this book has particular resonance in our own difficult economic and political times. Staring down the devastating consequences of a dysfunctional family and deteriorating depression-era economic conditions, Maddy is a compelling, multi-faceted character who discovers her inner strength the hard way. 

In one day, Maddy's life is changed forever, but she refuses to live the life fate has handed her. We follow Maddy as she leaves her small Ohio town and her family behind in search of a new life.

In Line by Line, Barbara Hacha brings the Great Depression to life and uncovers the hobo subculture. They don't just serve as a background against which to tell the story; they are as much a part of Maddy's life as the unforgettable people she meets on her journey. 

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:

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