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Meet Mismatched Sleuths Rafferty and Llewellyn in The First Geraldine Evans Mystery. Read A Free Sample of Dead Before Morning Without Leaving Your Browser!

Here's the set-up for Geraldine Evans' Dead Before Morning:

A young woman is murdered in a mental institution.  Detective Rafferty and Sergant Llewellyn provide "murder mystery humor" as a mismatched pair who must work together for the first time to sort out the murder and build a partnership.  

From Library Journal:

This British author's mystery debut introduces Detective Joseph Rafferty, newly promoted, and his sidekick, the lugubrious and sententious Sergeant Llewellyn. Their first big case together, the mutilation murder of a young woman in an expensive mental hospital, tests both their ability and their compatibility: they risk unpleasant retribution from the clinic's ambitious, womanizing owner as well as scrutiny by press and superiors. Solid police procedure set in an isolated area but fraught with conflict. For most collections.--Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.

And from reviews by everyday readers:

....very well written and flowed nicely from scene to scene. I was definitely hooked into the story and needed to know who had committed this crime and why. I think that Rafferty is interesting enough to pull you into the next novel to see where he goes with his life and career.

This book had a hold on me from the start. It had everything a crime novel should have including so many twists and turns that I thought I had solved the mystery several times. Loved the twist at the end. Can't wait to get my head into Geraldine's latest that is sitting on my bedside table for tonight! Excellent!
The police procedures followed in the book would convince 
anyone that they were  written by an expert-one who had served 
time in that position- and the easy way in which the writer blends her 
two heroes suggests a long writing apprenticeship.

From the author:

[Dead Before Morning began the series--ed.]  Death Line, the latest in the Rafferty & Llewelln series, released last month is now available in the Kindle Store here

I've had eighteen novels published - sixteen crime, one historical and one romance. I've been plucked from slush piles twice: once by Robert Hale, and once by Macmillan, who took Dead Before Morning,  my very first mystery novel, and published it in 1993. They sold it in turn to St Martin's Press in the US and thence on to Worldwide for softcover publication. Not bad for a writer who had endured six long years of rejections for her first six novels. 

My eighteenth novel, Deadly Reunion, came out in the UK in February 2011, it'll be out on 1st June in the States. 

(Editor's note:  Deadly Reunion is available only in hardback on Amazon for now. Evans has 18 books on Amazon, but only 3 so far in the Kindle Store.  On her web site she writers:  "I am starting to put some of my books out as ebooks."  Not clear at this time is whether she will put all of them out as ebooks.--TD)

In this one, Detective Inspector Joe Rafferty is barely back from his honeymoon before he has two unpleasant surprises. Not only has he another murder investigation - a poisoning courtesy of a school reunion, he also has four new lodgers, courtesy of his Ma, Kitty Rafferty.   In his murder investigation, Rafferty has to go back in time to learn of all the likely motives of the victim's fellow reunees.  Deadly Reunion is the fourteenth in my Rafferty & Llewellyn humorous crime series.

I've also a new ebook out, Death Line, the third ebook,in my Rafferty series, available from Amazon's kindle, iPad, iPhone, iBookstore, nook, kobo, android, and God knows where else. 

(Editor's note:  Death Line was priced at 99 cents for a while, but now is $2.99.)  In this one, Jasper Moon, internationally renowned 'seer to the stars', had signally failed to foresee his own future. He is found dead on his consulting-room floor, his skull crushed with a crystal ball and, all, around him, his office in chaos.

I've just started to prepare The Hanging Tree, the fourth in my Rafferty series, for epublication. I hope to have it available in the usual places by the middle of April.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:

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