Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A special chance to read an EPPIE-award winner's work. Read a free sample of Phoebe Matthews' Demonspell without leaving your brower!

The author of today's eBook of the day has won one EPPIE and been a finalist for two others for her fantasy novels.  EPPIEs are awarded for outstanding achievement in electronic publishing.  With 14 titles in the Kindle Store, she offers Demonspell to meet new readers and please her fans. 
Here's the set-up for Demonspell:

Along with a big house and income, Elaine inherits five immortal relatives who need constant attention. Try keeping a husband with that set of in-laws. Yes, she has tried. Twice. And failed. Now, just when she meets a new guy, a band of demons demands that Elaine and her family leave Seattle immediately, alive or dead.

From the author of the award-winning urban fantasy Mudflat series, here is another series set in contemporary Seattle, across town.
Length: 50,000 words

From the Author:

For several years I was a contributing editor and wrote several articles a month for an astrology magazine. So toss that background together with my love of contemporary fantasy and paranormal books, then hang out at my favorite Seattle hangouts, and from that background came the Mudflat series. 

The first book in the series, TARBABY TROUBLE, won the 2009 EPPIE for Best Fantasy. The second book, WELCOME TO MUDFLAT, BABY, was a 2009 EPPIE finalist. And recently the third book, MUDFLAT TOY BOY,was named a finalist for a 2010 EPPIE. 

With two hits and a home run, Mudflat is batting a thousand.

And now the 4th and 5th books are available:

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http://phoebematthews.com for more information about my books. It includes a backlist of earlier works, a page of Claire's astrology predictions, first chapters, excerpts, reviews, videos. My weekly blogs will show up via the link on my website.

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