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A sassy tooth fairy with a borrowed magic wand appears in little Page's bedroom to whisk her away to the land of Nearandfar.  She discovers that power comes not from wands, but from within.
LB Gschwandtner
5 Stars  -  3 Reviews

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Here's the set-up:

What if … a girl and her tooth fairy flew away to the realm called Nearandfar and the girl discovered she had more power than the fairies?

Page Truly is on a mission. It won’t be easy. There will be danger. Page will have to be very brave and very smart.

It all happens one night when a sassy tooth fairy brings a borrowed wand and a big attitude to Page’s bedroom. She makes it look like a wand can do anything. That is until Page has to save Nearandfar, and discovers that a magic wand is only as powerful as the gifted one who knows how to unlock its secrets and use it wisely.

Page Truly and The Journey To Nearandfar is a fun adventure for children and adults alike. It touches on the issues of leaving childhood, accepting responsibility, relying on friends, caring for others, and being brave when it seems as if you have no power at all. As it turns out, Nearandfar is not so near but not so far either – if you have a child’s belief in dreams.

Written for ages 7 to 11, this is award-winning author L B Gschwandtner’s first novel for children.

Click here for an excerpt from a review from The Compulsive Reader

From an extended review by Jenny Munfield from the book's Amazon page, posted there by the author: 

In a world where kids are used to the kill or be killed mentality of video games, it’s a pleasure to find a story that demonstrates how the most obvious solution to a problem is not necessarily the best. So, too, it demonstrates creativity and compassion, and shows readers how that which is evident on the surface is not necessarily what lies beneath.

When non-believer Page Truly leaves a tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy, she can’t begin to imagine the adventure that’s in store for her. Thanks to the antics of brothers Max and Michael, the three are taken on a whirlwind ride to Nearandfar with tooth fairy (only one of many), Serenfay and Bag, her, well, bag. Unlike regular bags, however, this one can communicate and for the most part has a lot more common sense than the flighty fairy. 

Having been shrunk to fairy size, the children find themselves in the Bog, a once beautiful place now inhabited by the despicable Looger, a slime-spitting bug and his equally despicable minions. Looger wants a fairy wand and has stolen Serenfay’s as well as a new experimental model that looks a lot like a mobile phone. Now that creepy critter has what he wants, he plans on eating Page’s captured brothers—as well as her, if he can catch her, that is.

There is a lot to like where this particular story is concerned, not least of which is Page’s unique solution to the problem of Looger, a dark force that has impacted not only on his environment, but on every living creature within it. In a world where kids are used to the kill or be killed mentality of video games, it’s a pleasure to find a story that demonstrates how the most obvious solution to a problem is not necessarily the best. So, too, it demonstrates creativity and compassion, and shows readers how that which is evident on the surface is not necessarily what lies beneath.

Another big plus with this story is its action. The plot takes off at a good clip and never slows. 

This is a story that at its heart explores forgiveness, love, courage and the importance of having dreams. It also delves into the nature of good and evil and subtly explores what it takes for one to become the other.

The Reviewers Say:

Enchanting.....Charming.....A Truly Magical Adventure

My daughter and I read this book together and we just can't stop talking about it. This was a truly magical journey of a children's book and if my daughter's reaction is any indicator, it will soon become a VERY popular book. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Page Truly is a great character, showing young female readers that a girl can indeed be a hero too. From the minute Page gets swept up in her journey, the reader will be carried along with her. The story is fast-moving and exciting, with the scenes of adventure and danger counterbalanced with funny, quirky touches. 

What an utterly charming and delightful story! I was hooked from the first page by the beautiful prose and the captivating cast of characters. I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next. Woven throughout the story are Gschwandtner's vivid descriptions of nature and its creatures - real and imagined - so lovingly portrayed.  I was transported! 

About the Author:

So, you found me. I'm glad you did and I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself.   I'm married (38 years now), and we have three wonderful daughters.  Of course I'm a writer, but I'm also a magazine editor, artist, and co-owner, with my family, of an integrated media business.

My work has appeared in various journals including Del Sol Review. One of my prose poems has been included in an anthology called Oil and Water and Other Things That Don't Mix, a collection published to support victims of the BP oil spill in the Gulf.

I have received awards for three different stories from the Writer's Digest Annual Competition in the mainstream literary category and the Lorian Hemingway short fiction competition, and was short listed for a Tom Howard Short Story Contest.

I also founded which offers free, themed, writing contests with prizes for emerging writers.

I have published three books all available In print and Kindle formats at The Naked Gardener, Page Truly and The Journey To Nearandfar, and Foxy's Tale

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