Saturday, March 26, 2011

Facing the greatest heartache, Jennifer Roberts' fog of pain could only be lifted by something intense. Like murder. Read a free sample of the mystery Murder By Mortgage without leaving your browser!

Katherine Storm is the pseudonym of a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author.  Murder by Mortgage is an emotional suspense novel of one woman's determination and survival. 
Here's the set-up for Murder By Mortgage:

When Jennifer Roberts' daughter dies, she's filled with guilt and pain. Nothing could penetrate the fog surrounding her.

Nothing but murder.

Jennifer Roberts was not having a good life.  Neither was her best friend, Evelyn, found dead in her home.

Jennifer knows it’s murder, but how does she prove it? 
No one else believes it's murder. Not Talbot, the cop who's her nemesis. Nor her husband, whose actions lead Jennifer to think that she has a problem there, too.

She's determined to convince others that what she suspects is true; her only help, an eclectic group of amateur sleuths who play at murder.  Their hobby is murder, and she needs their help.

From the Author:

Here’s the story of why I wrote Murder by Mortgage.
A neighborhood in San Antonio is filled with ruinously expensive Victorian homes. As I was driving through the area one day, I wondered at the residents. Jennifer Roberts immediately popped into my mind.
Segue here – my books begin with characters, not plot. I want to know about the people in the books, and what happens to them. Sometimes, as in the case with Jennifer, I find them in the midst of difficult situations.
Jennifer has gone through some of the worst circumstances that could happen to anyone, but it doesn’t look as if her life is going to get easier soon. In fact, when she finds her best friend, Evelyn, dead, the event is life changing.
As she thinks later, maybe murder woke her.
From the Reviewers:

There are, admittedly, very limited murder motives. Money, greed, love (twisted versions usually), sex, and the thrill kill.  Murder by Mortgage is a delightfully twisted tale.  I really enjoyed the secondary characters. There were, of course, ones that weren't likeable. 

The mystery itself is solid, twisted and not easily unraveled. Murder by Mortgage is an excellent debut mystery and I look forward to the next Jennifer mystery. 

Murder by Mortgage is a suspenseful murder mystery with an emotional story of healing and survival. Since the tragic death of her daughter and weighed down by guilt and pain, Jennifer Roberts is living in a daze while her life falls apart around her. Until Jennifer's suspicions are triggered when someone else close to her dies. When neither the police, nor her husband believe her suspicions of murder, Jennifer works through her grief to uncover the truth.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:

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