Thursday, March 10, 2011

In the future, you feel the pain and fear along with the reporter on the scene. Read a free sample of Fall From Grace without leaving your browser!

Imagine futuristic broadcasters giving you not only the images and the words of news events, but the emotions as well.  It would take a special kind of reporter to let you tune into his fear, anxiety, hope, exaultation and passion by way of special implants, a special kind of journalist like Tyler.
Here's the set-up:  

As a Caster, Tyler uses cybernetic implants to broadcast his emotions and experiences to the viewers at home. He is living a life of action and adventure--until he loses his job. Now he must hustle illegal broadcasts and take odd jobs to survive.

When his agent is killed, Tyler is framed for the crime. With his only allies--an ex-cop turned criminal and a bartending medical student--Tyler is plunged into the middle of a mystery and comes face to face with the darker side of the broadcasting industry. Tyler soon learns there is much more for him to lose...and much farther to fall.
A Reviewer Summarizes:
Extreme Broadcasting...
Imagine a world where you not only see the news but you can also experience it while it's happening.
Now meet Tyler, a `caster' who would do anything for a great story. After this superstar falls from grace, he begins to see life through new eyes.
Jackson does a terrific job creating a world that's sure to put you on the edge of your seat. Not only is the main character well done, but all the supporting characters are finely tuned as well. Even the psycho killer is someone you will love to hate. Take the time to read this adventure packed thriller, a great read and an author worth watching.
Keep in mind that this is a sci-fi thriller. 5* of 5*
About the Author: 
Richard Jackson was born in New York City and raised in the Bronx. He has been writing off and on since high school.
Over the years, he has held a variety of jobs and worked in a wide range of fields. It's given him a very diverse skill set which has come in handy on numerous occasions.
His interests include the martial arts, costuming, travel, gaming and just having fun. He enjoys meeting people and talking to people with similar interests.

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