Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the iReader Free Book Alert for Wednesday, April 7, 2010: Back to Where We Were, Sort Of

It was a dramatic weekend as far as free Kindle books were concerned. There were nearly 30 HarperCollins titles, many of them bestsellers, that were offered free in the Kindle Store for various portions of the weekend. As we said in our post over the weekend, it was doubtful they would last very long.

And they didn't last. As quickly as they had appeared, those free listings were gone on Sunday evening, and after having climbed into high perches on the Kindle Store bestseller list the books were actually listed as "currently unavailable" for much of Sunday and Monday, which suggests that whatever had happened, the free listings were not part of a promotion strategy by HarperCollins. It will be interesting to hear the whole story if we ever get it, but frankly there has been plenty else to occupy our attention.

Meanwhile, the following titles remain free in the Kindle Store on Tuesday evening April 6, and we hope they stay awhile! The usual caveats apply with respect to the fact that "free" means free for Kindle customers based in the U.S.

But the good news, if you've just acquired an iPad and are filling it with ebooks for the first time, is that you can download the Kindle for iPad app free from the App Store and get any and all of these titles absolutely free on your iPad.

Just a little note here: the best way to find out about these listings right away, when they occur, is to subscribe to the Kindle edition of the iReader or Kindle Nation Daily, which pushes Free Book Alerts directly to your Kindle Home screen 24/7. And as we observed again this weekend, "right away" is often just in time.

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