Thursday, April 15, 2010

iPad Nation Daily Free Book Alert for Thursday, April 15, 2010: Three New Novels, Free in the Kindle Store! And Dozens More!

Rooms by James L. Rubart 

Just a quick note here to let all my fellow citizens of iPad Nation know that I couldn't have hoped for any better short-term result from yesterday's hip replacement surgery. I'm back at the keyboard, feeling chipper, gliding along on a little Oxycontin perhaps, after a remarkably quick and (it seems) entirely successful surgery by Dr. Robert Miegel at Mount Auburn Hospital. There's no app for it yet, but I'm being very well taken care of and the beautiful view of the Charles and the Boston skyline out the window of my private room (Thanks Barack!) makes me want to go for a jog this morning!

I've been getting wonderful love from many of you in the form of flowers and emails and tweets and comments and I so appreciate it all, thank you. Enough for now, but I'm just sayin....


If you also own a Kindle, the best way to find out about these free listings right away, when they occur, is to subscribe to the Kindle edition of iPad Nation Daily, which pushes iPad Nation Daily Free Book Alerts directly to your Kindle Home screen 24/7. And in the case of many free listings that disappear within a matter of hours or days, "right away" is often just in time. 

No Kindle Required: Whether you are a long-time Kindle owner or you've just acquired an iPad and are filling it with ebooks for the first time or you are reading Kindle books on a PC, Mac, BlackBerry, iPhone or iPad Touch, you can get any and all of these titles absolutely free on your Kindle-compatible device of choice! Click here to download a free Kindle App for your device.
Saving Sailor: A Novel

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