Friday, April 2, 2010

Geeksugar: Netflix "Watch Instantly" on the iPad? There's an App for That!

Although our primary preoccupation at the iReader is with the iPad and the other iDevices for readers, we also know that there's plenty of overlap between people who love to read and people who love movies, so here's a piece of great news for movie lovers!

Geeksugar reports:
Netflix is coming to the iPad. If you have a Netflix unlimited membership (starting at $9 a month) and are picking up an iPad on Saturday, you'll soon be able to stream TV shows and movies to your tablet. Launching April 3, the Netflix app will be free to download from the new iPad app store and will allow you to manage your queue, as well as continue watching a movie you started viewing on your computer or TV (and vice versa).

I love this, since my Netflix history shows that I use the Netflix "watch instantly" feature to stream about 2 dozen movies for every DVD that arrives via snailmail.

Who else will love this? Netflix shareholders. NFLX closed yesterday at $75, but this app provides the company with the perfect hard pivot from mailing out those little red envelopes, which was very 2007, to what realtors and retailers know as "location, location, location" on the most important consumer platform for multimedia content in the next three years.

Now if Amazon will just come up with an Amazon Video on Demand app for the iPad, I'll be able to watch the rest of my AVOD subscription to 24 on the new toy that arrives on Saturday from Shenzen, China. It only makes sense, if Apple wants to make the iPad the best tablet computer in the world for customers, that it should allow it to run all media provided not only by iTunes but also by Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand and MP3, and Hulu, for starters.

Thanks to Andrys at the Kindle World blog for tweeting the good news!

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