Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Planet iPad Free Book Alert, Wednesday, May 25: 2 BRAND NEW FREEBIES! plus … Ash Rashid is being called 'A Muslim Dirty Harry' for his toughness as a cop, the occasional bourbon, and a zest for bacon and pancakes--but never cooked on the same grill--in The Abbey (Now just 99 cents! – Today’s Sponsor)

Are you tired of being tired? This morning’s latest addition to our 500+ Free Book Alert listings is a book that may put you to sleep, but this time you could be grateful for it….

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A Muslim Dirty Harry is on the hunt for his niece's killer.  This police procedural leads  Detective Ash Rashid to interview the victim's high school classmates and, of course, hints of vampire fascination appear in the characters.  Don't be misled by the vampire red herring or  by a single review--so far.  I'll  be adding stars once I finish reading a book that grabbed me and won't let go.  It's a full length novel of 88,000 words.--TD

The Abbey
By Chris Culver
4.0 Stars  - 1 Review

Kindle Price:  $0.99
Text-to-Speech:  Enabled
Lending:  Enabled

Here's the set-up:

Ash Rashid is a former homicide detective who can't stand the thought of handling another death investigation. In another year, he'll be out of the department completely.

That's the plan, at least, until his niece's body is found in the guest home of one of his city's most wealthy citizens. The coroner calls it an overdose, but the case doesn't add up.

Against orders, Ash launches an investigation to find his niece's murderer.  But the longer he searches, the more entangled he becomes in a case that hits increasingly close to home. If he doesn't solve it fast, his niece won't be the only family member he has to bury.

From a reviewer:

Ash is a Muslim version Dirty Harry! Chris Culver weaves the detective's religion into the story in such a manner that displays Ash as a spiritual man, but a bad boy cop at the same time. As a Christian, I found myself chuckling at the way that Ash recognizes his duty to his religion but does what the 'flesh' tells him is necessary to seek justice; he does it without apology. No turning the other cheek here! Hooray for Ash and Chris Culver in this amazingly fresh look at crime fighting.

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