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Planet iPad Free Book Alert for Wednesday, May 18: Two Brand New James Patterson Previews of 20 Chapters or More Each Top Our 550 Freebies! plus....years after they survived a school shooting spree, classmates return to confront their fear, not realizing the darkness of that day would attend. Reunion, by Jeff Bennington (Today’s Sponsor)

Planet iPad Free Book Alert Free for Wednesday, May 18: Two Brand New James Patterson Previews of 20 Chapters or More Each Top Our 550 Freebies! plus …years after they survived a school shooting spree, classmates return to confront their fear, not realizing the darkness of that day would attend.   <b> <i>  Reunion</b></i>, by Jeff Bennington (Today’s Sponsor)

James Patterson is known for writing very short chapters, but there are plenty of them in each of the free previews offered at the top this morning’s latest additions to our 550+ Kindle Free Book Alert listings.

But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor
 What happens after the headlines of a school shooting die down?  For those who cannot forget the horror, perhaps a reunion years later can put the memories to rest.  Unless evil returns to renew acquaintance.
By Jeff Bennington
4.5 Stars  -  23 Reviews

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Here's the set-up:

David Ray killed eight students and then turned the gun on himself. He thought the shooting and suicide would fix his world. It didn't. The massacre threw Tanner Khan and the other survivors into chaos.

Twenty years later, Tanner and his fellow classmates reluctantly agree to hold a reunion to lay the past to rest. Although they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, they come back to their hometown and reunite in the defunct school building. Old flames are rekindled, fears are ignited, and their lives are about to explode in a whirlwind of memories, haunted by the spirit of David Ray.

Once inside the old school, they discover that a dark entity has joined them. It has come to collect a debt, long overdue, and someone has to pay. Will Tanner and his classmates overcome their fears and put the pieces of their lives back together, or will they be consumed by their worst nightmare?

From the reviewers::

"Jeff Bennington cuts right to the heart of darkness and evil in REUNION. Don't plan on getting any sleep once you start reading." - Joe Moore, international bestselling co-author of THE 731 LEGACY and THE GRAIL CONSPIRACY.

"Reunion tackles a controversial subject with dramatic insight and grace." - Bestselling author & Bram Stoker nominee, Scott Nicholson, author of The Red Church

"When I started reading Reunion I was shocked by the quality of writing. Natural dialogue, good flow, interesting story, and efficient prose—it's all in there! This book draws you in quickly and doesn't let go." - Neal Hock, Bookhound's Den

"The malevolent entity in REUNION typifies the dark side of the paranormal. Jeff Bennington's new thriller is haunting my dreams." - Michael Clark, Executive Producer of Ghost Guys and Ghost Guys LIVE.

From the Author:

Have you ever wondered what becomes of the students who have been traumatized by a school shooting? Or have you puzzled over what might cause a child to intentionally murder his or her peers? Have you questioned what the long-term effects might be on the victims? How would their lives change? Who would make the most of their journey after the shooting? Who would lose their faith? Who might find it?

Over the years, I've wondered if the survivors would be able to return to the place where they watched their friends and classmates suffer, and die, at the hand of a crazed teen? How would they perceive those memories twenty years later?

These are the questions that have swirled through my mind every time I'd learn of yet another school shooting. I cringe when I hear that another young person has gone off the deep end and killed his classmates, leaving this world a darker and colder place with every bullet fired. The fact that it happens forces us to question what is wrong with our society--that this is even possible. The arguments are endless. But I didn't write this story to discuss politics.

This book does not make any declarations concerning the root cause; it only addresses my questions regarding the victims, their lives (post-shooting), and my imagined mental state of an adolescent shooter. Remember, REUNION is fiction, and I hope that it is judged as such.

This multi-genre fiction has, at times, supernatural elements, because after all, the supernatural is spiritual, and doesn't a school shooting boil down to a spiritual issue? I have also taken the liberty, or creative license, to include elements of horror, because I could not otherwise tell the truth--school shootings are horrific. If you want to read a story that goes beyond the superficial, then you might appreciate the value of all the elements that make this book what it is: supernatural, horror, romance, suspense, and dark fiction.

I'm the author of REUNION, a supernatural thriller,The Rumblin', a short suspense and Killing the Giants. Look for my next supernatural thriller, Act of Vengeance in late 2011. I write, raise four great kids with my wife and blog at The Writing Bomb.
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