Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Good Girl Gone Bad, A Rich Man Trying To Be Good, And A Jilted Lover Threatens Both. Read A Free Sample Of Our eBook Of The Day, Claimed By Desire, Without Leaving Your Browser!

Here's the set-up for KayAnna Kirby's Claimed By Desire, just $4.99 on Kindle:

A Good Girl Gone Bad…

Certified Public Accountant Allison Cain screwed up. Against her better judgement, she sleeps with a man she meets for the first time. The next morning he is nowhere to be found. She is left alone and feels used.

But that wasn’t the end of her torture, because Allison discovers her one night stand leaves her with more than hurt feelings.

A Billionaire With Everything Except…

Bryson Anderson Jr., multi-billionaire real estate developer, has it all:  money, power, women, even his own island. A real estate acquisition brings him face to face with the alluring Allison once again on the tropical Cayman Islands.

When he hears Allison is expecting his heir as a result of their explosive one night stand, a primal urge for a family is born. However, he has to convince an angry Allison to be a family even if it’s just for their child.

He didn’t realize he could lose his heart in the process.

When Bryson becomes the target of a jilted rival out to destroy him, Allison and Bryson will have to fight for their lives and their hearts—before it’s too late. 

KayAnna Kirby is a little introverted, but fun (when she decides to loosen up a bit.) She fell in love with reading in elementary school and continued to devour books whether she worked for a toy store, retail clothing store, International Banking Company, or sold cars or cosmetics.

 KayAnna has a four year old daughter who is going on sixteen. KayAnna lives with her wonderful husband Gregory, who has to put up with KayAnna constantly forgetting their wedding anniversary. (He forgets too.)

She was told specifically not to adopt her dog Titan from the pound, because the employees said he was "peculiar". After six years, she must reluctantly agree.

KayAnna works with her husband (and no, neither of them have tried to kill the other...yet) in a suburb outside of Atlanta, where they currently live.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:


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